Can the game know when we open the stats?

Alright, this may be an odd one, but: is there a way to have the game know if one opens the statscreen at a certain point to check a specific bit of information?

Like, let’s say an NPC tells you to check the folder you were given, is there a way to not do this via a choice?
As in, is there a way to set a variable to true if one after the npc’s prompt opens the statscreen and goes to the folder subpage?

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I’m pretty sure you can set variables in the stat screen but it gets a bit wonky if you have it in the main stat screen. Some Apple devices have the stat screen always open, so that’s also something to be considered. I think if you have a boolean variable for the checking of the folder and have it as a choice in the stat screen, it would work.


While it’s true some Apples have their stats screen opened perpetually, I think you can put a check inside the stats screen subpage. This way, the check will always require player’s input; the game would know if they opened a subpage of the stats screen.

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