Can multiple questions be in the same topic? And also a question about counting lines

So, can I put multaple questions in the same topic? Such as for example, I have some questions about clarafication about choice script format that I was not quite sure of the explonation of in the Wiki. Would I have to open another topic, or could I reply to the topic I had all ready opened, even if it is closed?
Also, not quite sure how to count the lines, do all the lines in the document count? What lines are skipped, I assume the blank ones, but any others?

While we don’t discourage users from creating new help topics, we do encourage them to use the search function, as usually the question has been answered many many times before.

If you feel that none of the answers in your thread quite answer your question, or your issue persists, then yes you are of course welcome to make a new thread. If another issue comes up shortly after your last thread, it might just be simpler to continue using the current thread you had going because you already have the attention of a few helpful users. But really, use your best judgement for this as there’s no hard and fast rules for this kind of thing, just common sense.

Every single line, including the blank ones, count.

So say you have an error on line 5, and your code looks like this:

  #choice 1
  #choice 2
  #choice 3

  #choice 4

You would look at the fifth line to see what the issue might be. In this case, there’s a blank line where choice 4 should be, and choice 4 is on line 6 instead.

However, there is a much easier way to do this than individually counting lines. If you download programs such as CSIDE (highly reccomended) or Notepad++, the program will keep track of lines for you and a number will appear next to each line you create.


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