Can I compare numeric variables? [solved]

I may have missed the part where it explains this on the site, but I’m having some issues. Basically, what I’m trying to do is make an option to level up your character’s stats available as long as your experience is greater than or equal to the amount required, as determined by a different block of conditionals. The line in question, which I thought would work, goes

*selectable_if (XP => xpneededsr) #Pump some iron. [Strength] (XP needed: ${xpneededsrt})

XP is a simple integer, generally single- or double-digit numbers at most.
xpneededsr is also a number, ranging from one to ten. Basically, if the player’s strength is less than ten, it costs one, if it’s more than ten but less than twenty, it costs two etc.
xpneededsrt is almost always equal to xpneededsr, until xpneededsr has a value of 100, at which point xpneededsrt becomes “No further development is possible at this time”, and xpneededsr is cranked way up to 1000- the variable exists so that xpneededsr is always a number, rather than a text string.
When I run this through the quicktest, though, it throws up

Invalid expression at char 5, expected NUMBER, STRING, VAR or PARENTHETICAL, was: INEQUALITY [>]

Is there some very obvious problem here or is this kind of variable comparison just not built into CS? I can share the code that determines xpneededsr and xpneededsrt if needed, but I don’t suspect that’s where the problem is, and it’s fairly bulky since I felt like writing it in a straightforward way instead of melting my brain by figuring out some clever trick.
Thanks for your help.

Try >= instead of =>?


And it’s just that simple folks. A small oversight in syntax. Thanks for pointing that out.

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