Can each scene has it's own choicescript_stat?

Hey , i was having this problem since the first day i started using choicescript i hope someone would help me , well can choicescript_stat work for scenes other than the startup ?

The choicescript_stat file will maintain the stats page available in every scene in the game, viewable by pressing the stats button.

I suspect you may be asking something different though. What are you trying to do?


If I understand what you want to do I guess it’s as simple as creating a variable, let’s say…
scene_N = 0

And on the choicescript_stat code a different page for every scene.

*if scene_N = 0
  *comment here it goes all the charts and things to show in scene 0

*if scene_N = 1
  *comment here it goes all the charts and things to show in scene 1
and so on…

When you change from scene 0 to scene 1 you just have to set up the variable
*set scene_N 1

And the same for the scene 2, 3, 4 etc, etc…


Finally ! I followed your steps and it worked
Thank you so much :sob:

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