Can a few folks help me decide what image to use for my app cover?

At present, I have two pieces of art submitted to me by a very talented artist (a forum member actually!) and we’re debating about which one to use for the app cover. I’m torn…so very torn…about which to use.

We want to keep the art a surprise so we won’t be posting it on the forums, but if a few people want to email me tonight at ericsmoser AT yahoo dot com, I will email you the images so you can give me your opinion. Please mention your forum name so I know who you are!

And you don’t have to be familiar with Community College Hero to email me. In fact, I’d like a few responses from folks who haven’t read it at all. They might be more objective.

Thanks! And I’ll post again when I’ve received enough responses and ask the mods to close the thread.

Email sent may I just say no matter what I will buy your game when it’s released!

I can help.
I will design it for free, because I love CoG.
I am a professional designer, and will do it just for the sake of CoG.

Oh well why not

@Adobe, I greatly appreciate the offer but I’m very pleased with my current artist. If you’re a professional designer though, I’m sure there are many folks who would LOVE your help. You might consider creating a “anyone need art help?” thread with a link to your portfolio.

@StarWarsMaster, I emailed you last night. I await your feedback!

@everyone, I just woke up and sent a rounds of links out to folks. I will keep this open for Friday. If you’re still interested, email me and I’ll send you the links when I get home tonight (probably around 6PM EST).

Can u please try again I never got it…

@StarWarsMaster, check your email.

I did link doesn’t work it says resource not found

Hmmm…other folks got it. I will look into it when I get home.

@everyone, if anyone emailed me and did NOT get a response, let me know.


Oops I mistyped your email address when I sent it. You should have it now!

Lol they are great! Also I think the first one is the best!! By the way that’s my name in real life on me email I mean I cannot wait for the beat now!! Have u decided on a price yet?

One last post. I wouldn’t mind a little more feedback before @Wire and I finalize our plans. Thanks!

Keep up the great work!!! Love your writing your the best!!!