Caliginous (WIP) Updated 10/28

Can you outrun your dreams? Is it worth it to try?

Caliginous is a horror romance about falling in love with your nightmares.

  • Play as one of three races, a Devil-blooded Demora, a Lamia, or a Shapeshifter.
  • Try to tell dreams from reality as you develop the powers of a Dreamwalker.
  • Meet the three ROs, Rigel the Demora, Sienna the Lamia, or Lykke the Shapeshifter.

To play the demo, go here.
To find the development blog, go here.

Note: Caliginous is a WIP I work on for fun and de-stressing, and may not be updated as regularly as my other WIPs.


Behold… it is I. Karma Samara the Demora. (The fact that those suggested names rhyme so well is definitely bonus points) Anyways, its pretty decent so far, lots of customization, no typos as far as I saw, leaves you with an eerie feeling. Not super long yet, so I don’t have a ton of feedback, but it has potential! I’ll be keeping an eye on this


This has to be one of the best use of the cog platform format for suspense building I’ve seen in awhile. I love it when the next button is worked into the pacing/plot. I won’t venture an opinion on plot yet, but its promising. It’s well written but, excuse my redundancy here, I’m particuarly impressed by the pacing.


Saw this on a few days ago; was wondering when you were going to make a thread for it.

I don’t have much feedback, since the demo’s pretty short. But the concept’s sure interesting enough and the customization options are pretty great too. Anything that can let me be a squirrel is a plus in my book :grin:

Good luck!


It is interesting so far, will definitely keep an eye out! <3


Sounds interesting


Did some sketches of one of the characters that will show up in Caliginous and colored them!

Jaeseong the Lamia.


That looks pretty good how long did it take you to draw that and how did you draw it

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Thank you. It took a couple hours including breaks, and I used Autodesk Sketchbook on my android tablet. I used a lot of references of his faceclaim, too.


Wow! I’m really digging this concept!
There’s not enough horror romance out there and yours sounds (and reads) well.

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What an intriguing start! It was short but made me curious where the rest will go. And seems like it has plenty of customization.

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Tiny update

  • You now get to “meet” all three official ROs
  • Finally implemented Saves
  • Little more info dumping about Dreamwalkers

I love the concept for this as well as the way you write it into a surprisingly immersive introduction that left me wanting to see what happened next quite badly :grin::+1:t3:


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