Building a game book from a regular fantasy book

Firstly I’d say i never actually been active in here so if i am posting this in the wrong place/not using any tags or something i should please let me know.

With that out of the way, i have enjoyed reading (mainly fantasy but not exclusively) from young age and a few years back i decided to write my own book. i am working on it very slowly as i have limited free time to put into it but i am in no rush. It can take me three more years for all i care i just want to do it right. (As it is very possibly the only full scale one i would ever write). In the process of making this book i have been creating a full world with history, culture, politics and many characters with their own backstory and agenda. That is because i wanted to create my world and let the story grow within it, in a way that the story is part of the world, and not that the world is there to serve the story. Once something becomes a bigger part of the story i do go more into details about it. The “down side” of that method, at least for me (seeing as i don’t mind the time consuming part because i am in no rush) is that in the end many people, places and lore i create end up only influencing things from behind the scenes. at best to be vaguely mentioned in the actual story.

In addition over the years me and my family/friends made many simple text based strategy games/battle system for personal use. And i enjoy making those very much. Also i have some background in coding (PY, Java, JavaScript ) and i enjoy it as well.

In the past 5 or so years i have also been exposed to interactive novels\CYOA\choiceofgames and instantly loved it.

And so to my point, i was considering making a game book to go along with the actual book (not instead). one that will allow exploring into the world and many of the side stories the book will only touch on surface level or even miss out completely. building on them to allow the reader to make his own story in my world. I don’t personally know anyone with experience in this field and so i ask here :

Have anyone gone through a similar process?

Do you think it is better to make the game same time or post main book? (Same time will limit the game to places and events with minimal influence on the main story)

in terms of showing more of the world, making it interesting and enjoyable and how hard to do it will probably be, Is it better to create:
A - many “small scenarios” like a single chapter kinda thing to experience different places and storys but not really a “game” and more of a “choose a path” thing.
B - few average (like 3-4 chapters) ones to have a bit more game option but still will be more centered around experiencing the place/side storys.
C- one freestyle game so that you can do many different “runs” and create your own path while exploring the world differently any time.

Is it better to make it more experiencing additional story or more game mechanics focused?

Is there something important it looks like i didn’t notice/ignored/didn’t consider?

If you have taken the time to read up to here i truly thank you for that, and will of course appreciate if you share your thought with me.

I applaud your question because it is also something I’ve been trying to do. I have been working on a fantasy story for nearly10 years now, starting in 2013. I am just on the cusp of finishing the first draft and also wanted to publish it as a traditional novel. Now, I am planning to do it as self-publish and also attempt to make it into a game book. So yep, we’re in the same boat here wondering the same question.

I am a slow writer, and would spend infinite amount of time focusing on details and voices and character interactions. I also have 0 ZERO 0 coding experience. So personally speaking, I am both excited and terrified to go game-code mode. But I think it would be an awesome venue to try if you already having coding experiences.

The game stories have great potential and, as a reader, I would love to see customization and plot development. Personally I prefer a longer story than a wider story. It might be a good idea to go and finish the story and then go back to expand on the scene.

Still, I have 0 experience in publishing a game book and am struggling to finish my first traditional draft. I am 100% supportive but it is your choice on whether to focus on one part or together.

We’re all in the same space, so just write away :slight_smile: