Breaking the barrier between author, game and player


Hey, great people of the community!

I was wondering your thoughts about the author breaking the reality differences between themselves, the game and the player.

You see, I am currently working on something and I would really like to add a nice feature to the game, which is every once in a while have a break beat, you know? Take a moment to talk to the player, get them thinking, daydreaming, something they won’t get anywhere else.


You could include your phone number in the text right before a difficult choice, and say, “Hey, feel free to call me here. We could talk about this one and hash out the pros and cons.” That would be cool.


Wish I could do that in real life! #feelsbadman


It depends entirely the type of game if is a humorous game is cool. If not you will break totally my immersion. I normally just skip those type of things. I role-playing so breaking fourth wall break the illusion of being the character. Also normally nor are funny nor are clever. But I am a grumpy person, many people love it.


Thought of you being grumpy sounds adorable!


This has been done a few times in tv programs where the actor addresses the camera and some did it well others did not. I think with your talent in writing you could pull it off without going over the top. I look forward to reading an example.


I mean, it’s not gonna be the same way in writing, but you get a general idea.


Ah yes,the breaking of the fourth wall.

Honestly,if you think you have enoguh experience,then go for it.If you actually pull it off correctly,then you will be rewarded immensely.Just look at Deadpool.He’s easily my favorite superhero,if not simply for his amazing dialogue during his fourth wall breaks.

Also,a bit of advice:just because you’re breaking the fourth wall,doesn’t mean it has to be humorous.For example,the Genocide Run from Undertale.It contains a certain amount of great fourth wall breaking,none of which is humorous.Actually,it’s pretty damn spooky.


My main issue with breaking fourth wall is in games , In literature or cinema. It is ok, Because I have no control over character it is not INTERACTIVE. In the game I suppose have the control or my character breaking the fourth wall negates totally that illusion of control. Being a hard core role-player that’s like a kick in my character story. In the only games I have a good time with that is aventure games from the old golden times of graphic adventures and helping that is fact the characters were charismatic and not decided by me. Guybrush, Simon Larry… Gabriel (Gabriel not so much that guy had the personality of a egg box.


And to those who said sometimes enjoyed it, do you like it more when it’s directed at the story or when it’s completely random? (random does not equal funny, just a reflection on a topic other than the story itself)


Hmm, I can’t be sure, as it’s been ages since I played it, but I think Fatehaven had that as a part of the story itself.

Sometimes breaking the fourth wall becomes a plot point, where characters realize they exist in fiction and rebel against the author, or realize the discrepancies of their universe, triggering some event, these I tend to like, though I couldn’t name them as I can’t remember most of those stories and what they entail.

I think it’s because it involves the audience, or rather the player. The player becomes a part of the narrative itself. Otherwise it tends to feel like I’m being reminded of the fourth wall, rather than it being broken.


Homestuck’s ending is just the characters getting so tired that they decide to leave the comic entirely to be free of the whims of the author and audience.

I’m shitting you not.


Heh, never could finish that series. There’s just too many to follow, maybe one day…


Holy crap, can you imagine a game in which you and the other characters turn against the author?
runs to computer and starts up Notepad


Sorry brah, already been done. The Stanley Parable. Well, at least on a small scale.


That would be fun, though extremely challenging to write properly. Oh right, maybe you should check out Breaking The Fourth Wall, The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You and No Fourth Wall for inspiration, if you haven’t already.

Exercise caution on the site. Tvtropes will ruin your life. As it has mine.


What about a game in which you can follow the story or rebel against the author? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s still Stanley’s Parable. You could follow it, and end in a rather unsatisfying and hypocritical ending, or you can mess with the narrator, make your own path by screwing up all he plans.


I get what you’re saying, but my idea wasn’t quite to end the game with the breaking of the barrier, but rather to have some sort of “side quest”, you know what I mean?


So unlike Stanley’s Parable, you want to shift the story’s focus so it follows a plot all on it’s own, but also has an optional choice to screw with the author?