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Completed tbe game all i can say is…

My poor sweet biscuit. Raphael is about to become Lucifer.


In fbi route they already are. But they are not as powerful as Lucifer.


I’ve edited my post about Gabriel’s relationship increases with the choices in chapter 4 and chapter 4 part 2 and updated the requirement % for him to show up.

Now to Raquel’s relationship stat. Please correct me if the threshold values are wrong or if I missed something else, I took this data from the 2019-11-30 update on Steam.

Similar requirement points to have her show up and to start the romance as with Gabriel. Raquel and Gabriel will show up if you have 125 points/62.5 % with either of them. You need 140 points / 70 % for her to stay. You will have to send Gabriel away for her to come in.

Others have mentioned before what to do to get points with her:

  • Be the silent type. Usually, you should only “nod” at her.
  • She seems to like patching you up. Get injured in Chapter 3. A lot.
  • Go melee.
  • Always have first-aid kits at the ready.
  • Heal Gabriel, never point a gun at him.

Last Edited: 2019-12-07

Raquel Relationship

Starting value: 80 / 40%

Get injured in the second heist for Raquel to patch you up [+2].

Chapter 1 Part 2

After the escape, you’re picked up by Sariel and Uriel and then you pick up Raquel. Don’t say anything [+4].

Say hello to the crew [+3].

Chapter 2

If you’re an informant/cop, you can tell the FBI all about the Archangel’s plans. If you tell them about their plans with the city’s mayor, the trio will run into trouble and Gabriel will be injured. You can then later ask him if he’s “gonna be okay” [+3].

Chapter 3
The Tower
People have recommended to turn up the difficulty for this chapter to guarantee many injuries. You get many points with Raquel that way.

When you can, use the melee approach [+4].

Everytime Raquel heals you, [+4]. Can happen three times.

Post Tower

If you still have at least one wound when you’re getting ready to deal with your captive, she’ll treat you again for [+3] and you can react with a “Nod.” [+2]

Current special point of interest for relationship increase:

Point a weapon to your captive’s face [+3]. To point your gun at the captive’s face, you have to put it on his shoulder first. Or swap between your gun and your melee again and again. Repeat for additional [+3] points for as long as you want, at least about 10 times. Also, introduce the captive to your melee weapon [+3]. If you call her in a few times to rough the captive up, DO NOT LOOK INSIDE HER BAG [-30].

Successful interrogation: [+2]. Or failed interrogation cause you called Raquel in 6 times: [+4].

Do not grab Raquel’s hand to stop her from killing the captive [-4].

Make sure to have a first-aid kit ready and heal Gabriel when you get the chance. She’ll see that later. Nod at her [+3].

Successfully decipher her sign language [+4].

The House situation. Do not point a gun at Gabriel, ever [-6]. Also don’t say to just shoot House [-2] You won’t get any points in this situation though.

Chapter End
Gabriel will leave, she should stay if you have at least 70 % with her.

Quietly invite her inside [+6] and then directly ask for her to join you in your bedroom. Inviting her into your bedroom is a very hard persuasion check. The total of your dice rolling result has to be at least 18. To the result of your D20 die will be added your persuasion modifier and a modifier based on your relationship value with Raquel as well as the luck mod if enabled.

Chapter 4

The following spoiler is only available if Rook and Bishop aren’t honorary members of the crew:

Have Raquel provide cover while you take out the gunner or the other way around [+2].

The following spoiler is only available if Rook and Bishop ARE honorary members of the crew:

Kaidan and Raquel arrive at the mill. Patch Raquel up with your first-aid kit [+5]. If you don’t have a first-aid kit, ask if she’s gonna be okay [+2].

You learn about what happened to Raquel’s safe house. Comfort her [+8] or if you have taken a kitty from her place earlier, you could also choose “Not all of them!” for [+3] and another [+4] for a romanced Raquel.

For MC’s who are informants/cops:

Raquel will not be pleased to hear you’re working for the FBI [-20]. Admitting to it is the only way for a MC who has not romanced Gabriel to be able to stay a member of the Archangels though. [+2] for choosing to fight the FBI and stay with the Archangels.

{b]Chapter 4 Part 2[/b]

When you’re lost at the hospital, call Raquel. Don’t say anything [+2].

The following opportunity requires you to have saved a specific life earlier in Chapter 3. Check the spoiler:

You will get [+2 Raquel] for having saved an Outfit member on your escape from the VAMcorp Tower. For that to happen, you need to be the one driving the car! You will notice a motorcyclist pulling up to your van, pulling out his Uzi. Slam your van successfully into him. Immediately try to successfully pull him in. He won’t accompany you for long, but he’ll survive and you meet him again in C4P2 where he’ll help you out.

Check on Raquel when you get the chance [+4]. If Raquel romanced: Sleep with her [+4].

On your way to the Don, you’ll be asked to switch cars. Don’t say anything, just get out of the car [+2].

“Still no” to the Don trying to make an offer [+2] or successfully stare back at the Don [+4].


I was doing my first heist job and i got the 911 has been called… They will arrive in -4 minutes?? what did they arrive before i started the heist and were sitting in the parking lot?
also does this mean i have an informant on my team? :slight_smile:

slight error: “Do you have my payment?” Syn asks.

“I do.” Mouse takes off his backpack and opens it <— only problem is Mouse is a she in my playthru

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So I just finished my 1st playthrough, pretty cool. However, I had 2 unsuccessful rolls, but according to the text the game counted one of them as successful. I also had the game count 1 successful roll as unsuccessful, at least that’s the impression the text gave me, just like before. Aside from that, no choice to save? Seems obvious that this is getting a sequel, will we not be able to import saves?

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Okay so this just confuses me on the informant route

You know when you don’t turn criminal when your an informant and in the epilogue it says your still in the Archangels, but when I do turn criminal it says i’m defected to the Archangels, It confuses me a lot.


Hmm for me it shows that I’m with the FBI if I stay cop or informant and archangels if I defected or was a criminal kind of odd.

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All the armies of Archangels will not stop me from avenging my little biscuit.

Gabriel: I have an Army.
My MC: Then you won’t die alone.


What? I didn’t get that epilogue. I was a cop. Then an fbi agent to the end.
Your game is buggy.


Unfortunately the save option won’t be there until the sequel is ready, it’s like that with all Choice games.

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I just want to commend the writers for the relatively quick update on their game, and definitely fixing some of the misspellings, wrong pronouns, etc.

As @Kalpana said, this is a small bug. It is fixed on the Steam version, though I know other platforms can take a little longer to get fixed.

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If we tell Gabriel we are working for the FBI, do we get the chance to tell him we are in love with him too?

Nope, you can only tell him one thing.


Thank you for answering and for the guide.

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Does anyone know how to get the sapphire necklace back after you left it at your apartment?

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I believe it was said earlier in the thread that it’s a bug that we were supposed to get it back, but didn’t

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(Maybe) bug report.

Undercover route. In the final chapter Mouse (and only Mouse) got shot, and despite the fact that I gave the correct countersign, Mouse still died.
(I think?) this is an unintended bug caused by variable naming?
Chapter 4:
when [lovername] = Mouse, [mousebleedout] stays at 0
Chapter 4b:
The correction for [mousebleedout] comes after the check, and is too late to affect [mwound]
But judging from this piece of code, it seems Mouse is meant to survive?

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You need to patch their wound…or else they will die. No matter if you call for the fbi as your first action.

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You may want to tag the ones below that as spoilers.

Also, I’ll talk with my co-author about that because I don’t know much about the codes :sweat_smile:

If it is a bug, I’ll include the fix in the next update as soon as I can.

Also, thank you @Sylveranty for the guide with Raquel.

If you can please update, all +2s in chapter 1 and chapter 2 have been changed to +3s. (The first one in chapter 1 part 2 has been changed to +4)