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Is there’s a reason why Kaz’s relationship keeps going down? I thought he follows the same morals like Gabriel (hit back if attacked, but don’t kill a defenseless person; and be nice to others, and so on) but Kaz’s relationship meter still takes hits out of nowwhere and I can’t figure out what’s up.
EDIT: Also is it possible for a crew member to die in general aside Mouse in the FBI side?


Hmm, that’s odd. What exactly are the choices you picked that lowered the relationship? Or does it lower itself per day?

Depends on who you romance, and how you deal with the chapter 4 problem


Seems like it’s the latter, since sometimes I noticed his relationship seemingly randomly drops a bit even when the MC isn’t around him at all (I also skipped a day of hanging out with Kaz but that was by accident). I can’t pinpoint exactly since I’m already late in the game and don’t want to restart, but I’ll get back to you if I do. I thought this was some intentional thing, where talking about the main trio with your crew drops the trio’s relationship even when they’re not around.

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Is there any way we can completely refuse Gabriel at the begining of the game?

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No, see below:


Just wanted to update everyone, my house is currently flooded up to chest height and I am currently unable to perform any writing since the electricity is out almost around the entire city.

That being said, I would to thank everyone who have voted Breach to be their pick in the strawpoll! :smile: I am genuinely surprised, and absolutely happy to see that I’ve made a game that you’ve enjoyed!
Straw Poll: Favorite CSGs over 10 years

I’ll be looking into it as soon as I am able.

EDIT: once the flood has died down and electricity is back, I will get as soon as I can!

Much love, and much thanks!


I can’t stop replaying the game, I want to try other RO but I can’t resist Gabriel :heart_eyes:. He’s always my RO for my every play through. I have a question tho, in the FBI route, If I confessed that I am an FBI worker before declaring my love to Gabriel, will I get another chance to confess my love? Thank you in advance!


Buuut there’s no mention of Timmy after that, so maybe Picard got over that pretty quickly lol :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Hello! Can someone tell me what the engraving on Cerberus (the shotgun I picked up during meeting with the Don) means?

“Ara’o Attano, Savi ils Y.”


Stay safe! Just focus on yourself in a meantime, and i hope you’re doing okay!


Thank you so much for this story! Please don’t rush to get the sequel out. It’ll be worth the wait when it is complete, ESPECIALLY if you’re happy with your work.

Suggested Correction for this edition:


The MC shouldn’t be panicking here if she’s undercover. Her boss gave her permission to work with the FBI.
At best, I feel like they’re all acting for the sake of the cameras and anyone not privy to her undercover status. [/spoiler]

Love this story and thx for giving options of the god mode. I like to see everything go right before I purposely break it (lose).


LOL! It’s an offer we can’t refuse! Perhaps rewording that choice that way would add some simple humor to the story.

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@MichaelMaxwell - Just wanted to let you know that my GF recently played your game, and as soon as she saw the cat ears in the purse, she said “She needs to be a romance option.” (And yes, my GF has her own set in real life…)

Needless to say she hopes that a future romantic encounter might allow for said ears to show up…or at least buy tickets to Cats (the musical) as a date.

And yes, this made it to her top of the game of the year list…


Can you be a criminal turned informat then back again to criminal in Chapter 4?


I have 7 games in top 10

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In the first game? No, you will no longer have a chance. In the 2nd game? Yes.

I wonder if anyone could decipher this :thinking:

I’ll let this be known, it’s multiple languages in one sentence.

Thank you! Electricity is back on but I’m still very busy trying to clean up and finding an actual bed. Or a more comfortable couch.

Thank you! It’s been a bit hard trying to push out the writing in time for the new WIP thread :sweat: I’m very sorry I’m running incredibly behind schedule.

Also, found and fixed! Thank you!

That’s awesome to hear! Don’t worry, the ears will show up in a later date, but maybe not the cats The Musical :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately no. That was your last chance. However, you do get another chance in the 2nd game.

Very sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile: I’ve been a bit busy cleaning up the house.


We appreciate your effort to still check us out and answer our questions even though you’re busy and you had some trouble. Stay safe and thank you for this wonderful game!


@MichaelMaxwell I’m not sure if I’m missing the location of the information but would you kindly tell me the sexuality of the RO’s so I know what gender my MC needs to be in order to pursue them? Please and thank you.

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from the wip post:

Avelyne/Edwyn = Any
Annabelle = Any
Charles = Any
Justin = Male
Carly = Any
Hayne = Female
Kazton = Female
Rook = Any
Gabriel = Any
Raquel = Any


Can we know what languages?

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you can romance hayne as a male it is a lot harder tho