BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (1 Million Words UPDATE! 23-April-2024)

I hope not? Have you played the demo for Breach 2?

I’ve been giving the MC more of the limelight and attention, given how much their reputation has grown. Archangels look up to the MC, and The Outfit are somewhat afraid of them. And with the trio occupied with their own thing, The trio gets a bit more time around the crew and actually has more say in what goes on around the scene.

At least, that is my intent. I’m still eager to get feedback from others who’ve played both Breach 1 and Breach 2’s demo and let me know whether or not I’ve improved on that part :sweat_smile:


I’ve been trying to hold out on the demo but it’s super tempting. I don’t wanna spoil myself so I barley check up on here lol. I might have to check it out. MC finally getting their chance is great.


Huh I choose the fully characterization and a man option, but the given response is a she. Bug or typo perhaps ? :slight_smile:

“Yeah, your face flew by my desk a couple times. You’re that Raphael girl everyone keeps talking about.”


Shiiiiiiiiet the ending :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Does anyone have a picture of the Raquel explicit scene? I need it to win an argument on Reddit.


There isn’t one, triggering her romance results in a persuasion check, once you pass, she essentially tackles you into your room and it’s fade to black from there


Here it is! (I’m the person you’re trying to “win” an “argument” against on Reddit :heart: )

Every other love interest has explicit mentions of having sex with the MC,but Raquel’s only mentions her “laying on top of you”.

Like I said in my reddit comment,the author has mentioned MULTIPLE times that Raquel is demisexual,please don’t try to bend over backwards trying to prove otherwise :slight_smile:


Thanks, I ultimately lost the argument (obviously rigged against me) but the proof is great nonetheless


You always felt like a side character? Interesting. Never really felt that, but each of the “what the character was before the AA” has a different vibe.

The FBI has the natural informant feel, where you can choose to stick to your beliefs and minimalize damage, or go in DEEP and complete the objectives by any means

The Hardened, is like from going from normal big leagues to the SUPER BIG LEAGUES.

And Vigilante is interesting, since it can swing both ways.

But if ya wanna be super MC theres always the cheat codes. :laughing: Feels like going Jason Bourne.


Jason Bourne is great but Snake Eyes is The OP Vigilante soldier.

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That is absolutely a typo, found and fixed.

Alright, I’ve answered this enough times on Discord that I actually have a copy and paste for this :sweat_smile:

On the asexual spectrum, Raquel is Demisexual. In Breach 1 and 2, I won’t be putting in any scene of Raquel having sex, mostly because it’s one of the requests of the person I based Raquel off of. (Which in hindsight was probably a terrible thing, basing a character off of a real person that I personally know.) There are multiple scenes for intimate moments but nothing explicit, that was the request. However, (and we’ve communicated about this) it’s perfectly fine for someone to write an explicit fanfic about it if they want to.

And to add upon this, I’ve seen people on tumblr argue that she’s completely asexual. No, she’s not completely asexual.

In Breach 1, most of the character’s motivations and pre-Breach personality I relied mostly on the readers to make them up, but in Breach 2, I laid the groundwork of a vague background for the MC, but the motivations and personality is still up to the reader, they can just finally visualize everything now with the stats.

However, I’d like to add that the hardened criminal vs vigilante MC will soon have their own separate arcs within the Archangel route.


I look at sorta like… it’s Terminator 2 and you’re Sarah Conner. You’re definitely a main character, but you’re sorta playing second fiddle to the Terminator in all the action scenes.


Even in the missions when youre the one leading the team?

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I actually somewhat agree with KZV here. Breach 1 puts a lot of focus on the trio - even during missions where MC leads the team, MC is only doing it because the trio needs it done.

I don’t mind it, because it shows the potential MC has, and comparing them to the trio, we see the level of badass they can eventually become. But that can be quite frustrating when you’re expecting MC to be badass from the beginning.

Edit to add: Once Breach 2 comes out, I feel like people will change their opinions about this. I’ve read the demo - the narrative gives MC more focus and they have lots of opportunities to grow.


In the 1st series of Breach, it already explains how the events are handled and what role our character will play. In the 2nd series, we will see how the real events are related to us and the consequences of the choices we make, and the continuation will definitely come, we will gradually see what is what. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Is it time for more Pavo gordo?

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Ah, dear author, I just want to take a moment to extend my well wishes to you. You type with a cunning finesse with a wicked twist! I can’t help but wonder if you have a fondness for tormenting your players with such unexpected tragedy. I must admit, I felt like I’d been hit by a virtual truck of emotions. Crafting a game like BREACH: Chicago War Zone is no small feat, and I admire the dedication and the creativity that has gone into bringing this world to life. So, here’s to you, the puppeteer pulling our heartstrings. You heeded the age-old advice to “kill your darlings”. Yet, even as we curse your name through tear-stained keyboards, we cannot deny the brilliance of your storytelling. May your coffee be strong, your code be bug-free, and your imagination continue to inspire us all.


As I navigated through the FBI storyline, the unexpected fate of Mouse hit me like a bolt of lightning, sending a surge of emotions through my heart.

I instinctively restarted the game, my cursor hovering over the restart button with a reflexive click, I found myself drawn back to the beginning, grappling with a whirlwind of thoughts, unable to bear the weight of what had just unfolded.

As I mentally replayed the scene, I found myself caught in a whirlwind of overthinking. What if Mouse miraculously woke up from their coma, only to find that I had moved on to pursue a new romance in the FBI route? The mere thought was agonizing.

I struggled with the weight of this dilemma. What could I possibly say to Mouse? What excuse could I offer to justify my actions? It felt like a burden that I had no idea how to bear.

Amidst this turmoil, I vowed to myself solemnly. I pledged to treat the FBI route in the BREACH: Chicago War Zone as if it were a forgotten chapter, a whispered secret in the corridors of my conscience. It was the only way I could alleviate the crushing guilt and anguish of potentially betraying Mouse’s trust.


There needs to be a scenario where the MC becomes furious at Michael for intimidating or threatening Mouse, it can add a layer of tension and conflict to the storyline.

(Please note that this is my opinion for any romance in the Archangel Route only as I wish to absolutely pretend that the FBI route doesn’t exist for my own heart retching personal reasons.)

There should be a scene in the game where Michael’s actions are clearly intimidating or threatening towards Mouse’s well-being. This could occur during a mission, in the warehouse or/and a confrontation with rival factions, where Michael’s aggressive behaviour towards Mouse becomes evident to the MC and other characters.

Allow the MC to choose how to respond towards Michael’s intimidating or threatening behaviour. The MC could confront Michael directly (preferably by throwing hands), express their anger and disapproval, or choose to intervene to protect Mouse without directly challenging Michael. The choices should have consequences for the MC’s relationship with both Michael and Mouse.

Provide the MC with a range of dialogue options that reflect the MC’s emotional response to the situation. These options could include expressing anger, disappointment, concern for Mouse’s well-being, or even questioning Michael’s leadership abilities. I want the heated response to go as far as to butt heads against Michael, Gabriel and Raquel. (Throwing hands, drawing the pew-pews or just sharp exchange of words). Each choice should reflect the MC’s personality and values.

Show the consequences of the MC’s reaction to Michael’s behaviour. This could impact the dynamics within the group, affecting the MC’s relationship with both Michael and Mouse, as well as other characters who witness or got involved in the confrontation. Depending on the player’s choices, the conflict could escalate or be resolved, leading to different outcomes in the storyline.

Allow the MC, Michael, and Mouse to reflect on their actions and motivations, deepening their personalities and relationships with each other. This could lead to moments of growth, reconciliation, or further tension depending on how the conflict is resolved.

Consider how this conflict fits into the larger narrative arc of the game. Will it have repercussions later in the story, influencing the MC’s alliances, missions, or ultimate objectives? Integrating the conflict into the broader storyline adds depth and continuity to the game world.

Ensure that the scene carries emotional weight by portraying the MC’s anger, Mouse’s fear or vulnerability, and Michael’s reaction to being challenged.


Tell me you hate Michael without telling me you hate Michael


I always like more fighting/drama. I think MC should have more chances to talk a little shit or even intimidate somebody.