Brainstorming? More likely empty thoughts


Hey baby:heart:

Hey you! I’m always around here lurking mostly, and I wouldn’t see your post if Ellie didn’t mention me on it but HEY we could always be friends if you want!
I was a lot shy too, Elizabeth helped me A LOT with it, and I’ve made some very dear friends around here.


Hey! I hope so. It’s good to have a few people around when we need, It’s easier to talk to someone who came from the same country as you, I think… I’m holding on to not use my retarded laughter.

That’s really cool, I think I made one or two friends here. But it’s still new to me :grin:


I’ve forgot why I made this.


Me… Almost all the time :grin: that’s why I have to write everything in my phone or I’ll never remember again


You just found another one now then. lol FORA TEMER.


We Brazillians seem to be a select few around here


I’m feeling pretty stuck with my own (bigger) game ideas as well. Currently I’m working on a smaller one (due to have a teeny tiny demo teaser out this weekend) but I’ve been working on the same pet project for years now. I’ve been working on story progression, side plots, etc, but it feels like I can’t make it live up to the epic tale I’m hoping from it.

Also it thematically I was hoping to have it slightly criticize political extremism but I feel like it’s starting to sound like a criticism of modern political ideas themselves (which it’s really not). I’d hate to be misinterpreted like that, so I feel like it’s going to make me pull some punches on the storyline.


i’ve got so much encouragement just by reading this thread… thank you guys, hopefully i’ll be able to put all this encouragement to write something :smile:


Eooqqq, FORA TEMER. :joy:

At least we’re not exactly alone :grin:


I’m not sure if this is the place, but I’ve started my own game, with like 8k words.
I (due to my Indian mum haha) cannot continue it until the GCSE exams are over.
I consider myself pretty smart so I’m not worried about my exams, or my quality of writing in my games, but thinking of ideas that are good can be kinda hard.


Well, you will not know if you don’t try. Write what you like and you will find someone who will like it too.


Exactly, just go for it. You never know unless you try.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” - Wayne Gretzky

If need some motivation check out this video:


I’ve mostly written short stories lately, nothing that required any serious planning so the thought of plotting out a CoG game is daunting, to say the least. Especially because the idea I have is an adaptation of an idea I had for a NaNo project which I did little to no planning for, so I’ve got a setting and some characters and some ideas of ‘huh this could be cool’ but… that’s it

I’m just gonna have to sit down and put some ideas to paper or volley ideas off a friend, take things slow, but it’s just. so much. why do CoG games have to include so much plot cries