Bootlegger (W.I.P.)

I’d love to see the influences you take from real life characters and events. Capturing the emotions and feelings the government and the public had towards organized crime at that time.

I’m open to bounce ideas with!

Sounds real interesting.


Amazing demo so far. But can we PLEASE romance Zep? Goddamn it she is so cool. Please let us romance Zep :sob::sob::sob:

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I loved this, the chance to build your own mafia empire or to join one and to live your life like this, I look to this game releasing, great work so far.

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The game got the spark man i have to say i enjoyed every second playing this it got me that dopamine thing going but it lacks that materialistic feeling i mean you can numerically see those revenue but you have to give MC an opportunity to buy something maybe a small thing at first but something to establish a connection that what money you are making is really beginning to be a part of your life also the whole election thing is put to stall and feels inconsistent i am not saying there should be election related events continously but atleast throw a few in between to make it seem consistent or occassional atleast again this game got emmence potential cause the plot is extremely solid where you could polish a bit is sequencing of events or scenes


Few things i would like to see

I would want to know where derek and my mother were gone

I would want an option to repair my old home to glory and look after for my father even if he was a drunkard and good for nothing i wanna show i am better than him

MC own car, house,pet,personal gun collection etc

A hot secretary if i win election :rofl::rofl:

More options to diversify business not only relying on making booze so to have a backup for dark days like having a media house to manipulate people, a casino, hospital etc (basically any business through which you can launder money)

Invest in future technology, improve booze making equipments

What i think my MC is going for

My MC want people to revere him like saviour regardless of his crime empire cause he doing good for poor and snatching from rich

Do something for his heathsaw make it a hub or something

Leave a legacy basically a good criminal with occasional use of violence

This what i got from my first playthrough will update more if i get some more thoughts after replaying


I hope this game will be published someday, pretty good backstory and intriguing


Hello everyone!

New chapter added at last. I’ll try to post them with less than a year intermission from now on, it’s been a bit of a crazy few years, as we all know.

Looking forward to any feedback you’ve got, and thanks in advance!


Cool story


Glad to see this WIP came back.


God i know you are exist :sob::pray:

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I just discovered this WIP and-- wow! It’s incredible! The historical detail, the options for MC background customization, the prose, I could definitely see myself getting sucked into this game. My MC is a teetotaler vaudeville performer who lost her family to influenza and has a repressed crush on Sam, btw. I love how we are given the opportunity to paint such a vivid picture early on-- I really think that’s key to a good game.


Just finished playing the demo to chapter 8,for me it’s good and I don’t have problem but for suggestions maybe you can add choices for this demo to just start play chapter 8 without need to play early chapters maybe some just bit reluctant to play again from the start, in the end for me it’s good


will the mc meet some of the prominent figures during the prohibition era like Al Capone, Dion O’Banion, Stephanie St. Clair ?

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