Book of Hungry Names PATCH Status

In the interests of minimizing ruined games, I’m announcing now that I intend to push a new patch on MONDAY morning, May 6th, Eastern time.

I would suggest wrapping up any current playthroughs this weekend and then verifying the new version number before you start a new playthrough on Monday.

I’ll post the new version number when I have it, likely Sunday night or Monday morning.


Changelog for Tomorrow’s Patch


  • Added an extra opportunity to hang out with packmates or ask them on dates in the hub chapter

Bug Fixes:

  • Clarified what the first DLC offers with regard to Black Tarn and how it works
  • Dataweaver and Gremlin Gifts should now be showing up correctly
  • Improved continuity for Drax and his various grisly fates
  • Added a newspaper report for if you frenzy at Hog Throne in “Music from Another Time” so it doesn’t sound like everyone had fun
  • Standardized the personality stat names
  • Achievements for fully restoring the barrows, woods, and urban blight should be appearing correctly now
  • Countless minor bug fixes

You’re looking for v52016 on the Credits or About page.


We are going to push another patch, the morning of Monday, May 13th.

You should wrap up your playthrough Sunday night or turn off auto-updates if you’re on Steam.


Changelog: May 13th

  • Stability improvements; at worst, this should only reset you to the beginning of the current chapter.
  • Dataweaver Gift should, at long last, be available to Glass Walkers
  • Holds-the-Dawn’s Gift should, at long last, be available to Shadow Lords
  • Character events are now showing up in the journal after their various grisly fates, not at the start of the relevant chapter
  • Fixed countless minor bugs and logical hiccoughs