Boatload of Activities (V 0.5)


Ahoy!, everyone! Are y’all ready t’ take a ride on me boat? What boat, ye ask? Well, me boat o’ Random Activities, o’ course!

So, I be workin’ on a rat’er… strange lil’ gem.

Normally, w’ all want t’ avoid randomness in our games, starboard? Harharhar.

(Translated with


  • Betting! You start with 25 schmeckles, and, before each round, you input the number you want to bet. If you win, your bet is doubled and returned.

Seven Games

3 Dice

  • CustomName
  • MultiDice
  • 3 Person Dice

2 RockPaperScissors

  • No Betting
  • Betting

2 CoinFlippers

  • No Betting
  • Betting

Inspiring Quotes

  • Exit Screen
  • Stats Screen



  • BlackJack
  • SchmeckleShop
  • Other, unplanned games


  • Story
  • Stat-Screen
  • Title


  • Bugs are rampant
    *Please report any/all bugs you come across.
  • Contains semi-present Pirate theme

Version History

  • Created: August 1, 2016
  • V 0.5: September 8, 2016
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If you have any suggestions for future games to implement into this, please share them with me!