Blood and Runes (WIP) -- Updated January 10th

Yes, I think I’m going to rework this scene a little for the next update. I agree that too much time goes by without a choice, but I didn’t want to give the left wing an additional chance to increase stats without the right wing getting the same chance.

You can absolutely side with Ralys or Idar against the king. He and the heads of his order are tyrants, and have certain… secrets that they don’t want to come to light. One of them in particular directly affects the MC and several other major characters.

You start off as the enforcer of an evil king, but you by no means have to stay one. Revolution is coming, after all, with all the change that entails.

This is a hiccup, and that’s very frustrating because I thought I fixed that bug.

sighs deeply

Thank you for catching all of those typos!


Could we have a saving system and make it atleast a dozen slots? I like to explore options.


I definitely plan to incorperate that by the next update. The only reason it’s not here is because I’m relatively new to coding, trying to figure it out was frustrating, and I figured I could postpone until the next update. I plan to have branching next chapter, so look out for that :smile:


This is pretty good! Playing as an assassin has to be one of my favorite tropes. I have a suggestion maybe in the stat screen it would be good to seperate the skill stats and the relationship stats. Right now they are lumped together which can maybe get a little confusing


This is something I also plan on adjusting by the time the next update comes around! I’m still learning the ropes to coding, but I’m picking up a little more every time I make some progress :smile:

Thank you for taking the time to play! I was a little nervous about making the MC an assassin and just straight up murder people in the first chapter, but it seems that the moral quandry over that hasn’t been that big of a deal. The assassin trope is also one of my favorites and I’ve wanted to write it for a while.


I have loved the demo. It’s not long but enough to be intrigued. I truly look forward to seeing how this story advances.

Edit from here:
Maybe you will want to write some warnings… because of the bloody scenes, I love them, but maybe, they will trigger someone.

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Content warnings have been added! That was a miscalculation on my part; should have thought of that myself. Thank you for the reminder :pray:t5:

And thank you for your kind words! I’m glad that the demo, although short, was able to pique your interest.



The sexual themes should probably also be in the content warning.

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If anyone is curious about what the ROs look like, I’ve added their physical descriptions right below their introductions. I personally have the need to envision characters via description, so if anyone does here as well, here you are :+1:t5:

Thank you for the suggestion! I use artbreeder, but I find that sometimes the level of detail I’m looking to create is lacking. I’ll be making potraits for the ROs but I wanted to get the most accurate description possible before I did so.


I have aphantasia so I’m not going to be envisioning them with or without a description, but the description is still the only way I’m going to know what they look like, lol.

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Just a suggestion: if you find their appearance so fundamental to your enjoyment, you could always try out artbreeder, which I understand is common resource for RO appearances in CoG WIP threads.

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I think it’s a common resource because, AFAIK (never actually used it), it doesn’t require you to be or know an artist. But it doesn’t generate very good artwork, IMO.

I was engaged to your history after a few pages read. :upside_down_face: :grin:

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Way to short for me to give much feed back. But other than a few misplaced words it seems pretty good


I think this is the first new WIP posted since I joined the forum (my first post btw, hello people), so I’m looking forward to following its progress from the beginning for a change.

Anyway, seems interesting so far, I’m liking the concept. Just a couple of errors I spotted:

In one choice near the beginning, ‘You diffuse the situation with your words’ - I assume you mean defuse.

And then once you go inside, ‘Aariz strolls past her, stance relaxed, conscious unbothered’ - I guess that’s meant to be conscience.


I’ve read the demo, and I’m intrigue as to where this story will go.

just few quick questions:

  • will the ROs be gender flippable in the future? (its ok, if its fixed)
  • is there gonna be different types of magic that we’ll wield? like we used illusion magic, will there be combat base, support based, medic based, shadowy based, or just magic in general, like harry potter minus the wand and vocal invocation?

hope to see:

  • customization (outfit, mask, colors (hair, skin, eyes))

This will be all for now. Break a leg! Can’t wait for more stuff to read. Have fun writing!


Cool premise man. Looking forward for the next updates!


It’s cool and look promising.

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It looks like a good way to become a very good assassin by using magic. That way no one will know where you strick from.

Looking forward to see how this will play out.


I’m going to wager no. Part of the Princess’s arc is that she has little power because Reian is misogynistic, so presumably much of her would have to be completely rewritten to account for her being a prince instead.