Block comments in ChoiceScript?


Feature wish list: @dfabulich, could we get block comments in ChoiceScript?

I’d like to document my work better than I have been, but pasting “comment” on every line is a little frustrating, especially when I’m commenting or uncommenting large chunks of code. (I’ve taken to stashing unused code in a separate file, but I’m afraid I’ll fumble a copy/paste someday and lose work.)

Alternately, if anyone knows how to do this via *script and the Java block comments, please let me know. I tried a few things, but they all blew up my file.


If you’re using notepad++ (and the CS syntax highlighter) you can select a block of text, right click and ‘toggle block single line comment’.


That is FANTASTIC. I am indeed using Notepad++ with the CS syntax highlighter and hadn’t realized it included that functionality. Much appreciated!