Blending Modern Technology with Fairy Tale Aesthetic

I want my setting to blend the soft, dreamy aspects of aethetics like Fairycore and fairy tales, with modern technology and transportation. For example, things like smartphones and mopeds exist, but they either run on magic or some form of clean energy. People dress in contemporary fashions, but may pair them with natural or supernatural touches, like glowing pendents or flower braids. My focus is creating a romantic, cozy, light-hearted setting, so traditional, gritty Urban Fantasy inspirations don’t really appeal to my vision.

My problem is that I’ve found it difficult to find outside inspirations for such a setting. Just looking up ‘fairy tale with modern technology’ pulls up stuff like ‘if fairy tale characters had smartphones/social media’, but nothing for cityscapes. Any recommendations for media that depicts settings similar to this aesthetic?


Winx Club could be a good reference for you. It’s a cool mix of flowery fairytale, early 2000’s, and futuristic tech


I used to love Winx Club! I haven’t watched it in forever, so I might have to refamiliarize myself with it.

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Not media specifically, but maybe you could take inspiration from solarpunk? A lot of it is green technology combined with sleek modern aesthetics, combining art deco and natural patterns.


Solarpunk is definitely an inspiration as well, for its mix of incorporating nature in its designs and its eco-friendliness.


I was racking my brain thinking, maybe I’ve seen a fictional city similar to what you described, and the only one that came to mind was… Overwatch. But it’s more futuristic sci-fi than fairytale, so it’s probably not what you’re looking for. Though I found this concept art of Paris that might fit?

Taken from here. Sadly the actual map as seen in game doesn’t actually look like this.


That’s very helpful! I think that’s essentially the look I’m going for. Abstract and fantastical yet modern-looking tech and vehicles. A suggestion I got from a friend was Ghibli movies, but I think they’re more often set in the countryside, while my setting would be more of an urban city, like the art of Paris you showed.

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