Blackwood Manor: Update (20th May)

Just wanted to update on the fact that next chapter will be out soon (coming either this week or the next)! It will be about double the size of the first one, and you’ll be able to meet some of the siblings :eyes:. I’m sorry about the long wait, but this has been a very charged month lol. :sneezing_face:

In the meantime, for whoever hasn’t noticed yet, I have:

  • fixed some typos
  • added selectable names for the MC
  • made it so the game can be saved at any point
  • updated the stats screen

See u soon :smile:


Ahhh how exciting~ Especially since we can now save and re-select choices. I’m going to be a menace to those siblings, with no consequences whatsoever >:)


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Hi! I’m really interested on how this is going to go! Just a heads up, when leaving for the Manor, this contradicting text shows:

…“Wait a second!”

You recognize the voice of Mrs. Flecther calling out to you the moment your hand settles over the handle of the door.

“Yes, Mrs. Fletcher?” You ask, turning to look her way, internally expecting a scolding.

“I just wanted to say farewell, girl.” She finally reaches you, and places a hand on your shoulder to look in your eyes. “You weren’t too bad, after all.”

Having never received any kind of affection from the woman, you’re not sure how to answer. She doesn’t even give you the time to, though. She’s already taken a step away from you before saying: “I have to go now-- good luck. Be careful in there.”

“I will, Mrs. Fletcher. Thank you!”

Mrs. Fletcher might be asleep, because you haven’t seen a sign of her all morning. You think it’s for the better-- You’d notified her you were leaving the night before, anyways, and she hadn’t seem displeased…

She says goodbye, but it seems she also doesn’t come to say goodbye after that?


oop! I’m going to fix that, thank you! She is supposed to come down to say goodbye only if you were nice to her, but I must have coded something wrong.

Also I’m glad you are interested!


See you soon author, I hope this will become a big project for you :heart_eyes:.

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I have posted chapter 2!! The problem is I have no idea how to edit the main post? help? :worried:

Anyways! It is 2 am and I should probably have waited to reread once more tomorrow with fresh eyes, but I was excited to post it. So I apologize for eventual typos… I hope you guys enjoy this new content regardless, let me know what you think! And if someone knows how I can edit my main post… that would be great.

Also, I have made a tumblr if u guys want to reach out and ask things there:

edit: i just had to get a higher trust level to edit the main post. I managed! I can finally sleep now :grinning:



First, congrats on your update!

Second, if you have trouble with the editing of the original post in the future, please let myself or another mod know.

We can turn the original post into a Wiki, which will allow you to edit it without worrying about user trust level.


I’ve encountered bug when I pick to go on a tour with Arlen.

should be fixed. Sleep is for the weak anyways!


thank you!


I just got this error too.

Also the saves are not working

:sob: i thought that error was fixed. I’m not sure what else I can do, it works fine for me and the quicktest works fine too. I’ll look more into it now.

As for the quicksaves I’ll be on it tomorrow

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Are you sure you didn’t get this error because you started playing before I fixed it? That’s the only possibility that comes to mind, otherwise I don’t know why it would work for me

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It’s possible. I’ve restarted and chosen the Rowan tour so when I finish this bit I’ll replay with Arlen and let you know.

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Thank you! If Rowan works, Arlen should too, because they both required the same solution (uploading the new startup file). But do let me know :pray:t3: also hope the read is enjoyable


Yip, you were right, both paths are working fine now.

I loved this new update, finally getting to meet the Blackwood’s. I’m already feeling just how different each sibling will be. Arlen is still my favourite, meeting the character definitely lived up to the description. I’m a sucker for cold and detached characters.


Phew! That’s a relief. I can finally get some sleep now that I know it’s working :joy:

And I’m glad you’re enjoying the siblings, and A specifically. It’s really nice seeing people starting to pick their favorite :grin:


Heading to bed myself, nearly 3am here in Ireland but I couldn’t resist playing when I saw it was updated :laughing: