Black Sheep, the First Adventure (WIP) (UPDATED 22 Dec 2022, Opening for Chapter 2 is added)

Greetings, folks! Hope y’all have a pleasant day! I’m Aakasa, you can call me Aakasa or AeL :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve been playing and being a silent reader in the forum for years, ever since the first Hero Rise was released, I got hella hooked to CoG format for interactive fiction! Writing is kinda my escapism since I’m very, very young, and have accumulated such an amount of unfinished and unpublished stories, I have published some fan fiction and original stories that are a bit too embarrassing to share here, cough, anyway!

Personally, I’ve been quite fascinated by the trope where the main character accidentally stumbled into a world that is inside a book, taking escapism to another level so to speak, and this story of mine using that trope has been marinating for years before I decide to write it down, so, why not share it, right??

Black Sheep is an Alice in Wonderland-esque story, with more mature topics and a bit of my way of figuring out my mental health stuff. The series will take place mostly in Otherworld, First Adventure is the first out of three books planned for the Black Sheep series, and behind the scene, the universe will broaden into more stories with various protagonists and recurring casts!

Do keep in mind English is not my first language, I would love any help pointing out if there are any wrong usage of words, or if some phrases came off weird, the story phasing, typos, etc. Also, perhaps a bit of explanation for them so I can understand the language and write better, much appreciated!

Story Summary

Mimi to the Otherworld is a children’s tale of Mimi and her best friend, visiting the enchanting world as prophesied, banishing the plaguing darkness, maintaining the balance and ruling the fantastical Otherworld. The wonderful adventure in magical places, dazzling royalties, ethereal gods and goddesses, captivating characters; swords, shields, wizardry; friendships, loves, and betrayals. And the daunting monstrous crystal dragon.

You’re a twenty-something freelance copywriter fresh out of hell. After two agonizing years of detaching yourself from your hometown in the north, with your best friend’s help, Anamadya, your life is about to start anew in the art city of the south. Despite bountiful opportunities, surrounded by a plethora of inspirations, you’re left but an empty husk from your past. The dreadful memories remain, clouding your sight and chaining you down to the dank and murky well, haunting your every waking and dreaming moment.

Invited to watch the ballet adaptation of Mimi to the Otherworld, you’re instead pulled into the Otherworld! Following Monna and Barbara, the ballet dancers left you stranded in a colourful world full of magic, wonderful creatures, and a chance to witness the children’s book unfold directly in front of you!

But Otherworld isn’t as extraordinary as you thought; marvelling upon such miracles, you’re to see the other side of the coin. Grim histories behind the scenes, what must be brought down to raise Mimi, or in this case, Monna to glory. And as perhaps the only person that does not belong in that world, you must navigate all the strangeness and find a way out, lest you’re dragged into what turns out to be an overly complicated war for control by the reigning four rulers.

Content Warnings

The story is intended for mature readers, and contain topics alluding to depression and other mental health issues, passive suicidal ideation, emotional abuse, and mental abuse; including ones inflicted by friends, families, and spouse. This story also contains violence, explicit curses, smoking, drinking, the implication of drug usage, and sexual scenes (non-explicit and can be skipped automatically).

  • Play as whoever you want to be: choose your appearance (masc, fem, andro, or fluid), your pronouns (or customize your own), and your physical looks
  • 7 love interests, and 5 secret love interests
  • No romance is restricted! Romance everyone, or romance no one
  • Stat-dependant dynamic with each character (Like, Love, Trust)
  • Be a whole new person, or stay the same throughout the story
  • Forget the past completely, overcome it, or let it control you
  • Stay hidden as a silent watcher, or join the story and replace the main character
The Love Interests

> Basil James Watson
Pronouns He/Him. Basil is a twenty-nine years old university student, the older brother of Barbara, and your next-door neighbour.

He has tanned skin; medium wavy shaggy brown hair, neatly styled; 175 cm/5’9" in height and a lean body. He has brown hooded downturned eyes. His face and most of his body are covered in subtle freckles. He sometimes wears his reading glasses. He has a five o’clock shadow.

People who know him will say he’s a rather plain character, but those who truly know him will claim he’s quite eccentric and deep down, a very kind-hearted man. He’s clingy towards the people he cared for, carefree and slightly sarcastic, and his history has turned him insecure; he might appear to be hiding his flaws, which might be problematic.

> Barbara Carroll Watson
Pronouns She/Her. Barbara is twenty-two years old, a soloist ballet dancer and best friend to Monna. She plays Mimi’s best friend, Bianca, in Mimi to the Otherworld ballet production alongside Monna.

She has light brown skin; shoulder-length curly dark brown hair, tucked back nicely with a black headband, or sometimes, tied into a bun; 158 cm/5’2" in height and a slim body. She has light green almond eyes. Just like her brother, most of her exposed skin are covered in freckles.

Just like her older brother, Barbara is cheerful, always looking at the bright light of dark situations. Barbara by herself is prettier than most, she’s pleasant to be with, incredibly caring, and a skilled ballerina, but Monna constantly overshadows her in almost everything, making her feel small at times and working too hard.

> Jason Anderson Raines
Pronouns He/Him. Jace is a twenty-four years old soloist ballet dancer and a fellow dancer in the same company as Barbara and Monna. He plays the Jack Knight in Mimi to the Otherworld ballet production.

He has pale and rosy white skin; neat straight ginger hair; 178 cm/5’8" in height and a slim but fit body. He has blue, deep-set eyes. He has light freckles around his nose and thick eyebrows.

Jason is a friendly man, his easy-going personality makes him fit in any friend circle, allowing him to befriend almost everyone. He has no deep dark secrets to keep, nor a dreadful past, and regardless, he struggles to relate to the plight of his friends. He tries to keep things light, and tends to dislike, even avoiding bad and heavy situations.

~ The Abrams ~
> Monna Abrams
Pronouns She/Her. Monna is twenty-six years old principal ballet dancer and plays the lead of Mimi to the Otherworld ballet production as Mimi.

She has espresso skin; medium rich brown coily hair, often in a high bun; 166 cm/5’4" in height and a toned body. She has honey-brown almond eyes. She has long and thick eyelashes that sweetly complement her eyes.

Monna is a confident and polite woman, always acting as the adult or the mother of any group. She’s disciplined and strict, but also understanding and tries very hard in everything she does. Even so, she possesses a sharp tongue, and never hesitates to voice her opinion. She’s the oldest of the Abrams siblings, despite having an age difference of barely some months from the others.

> Montgomery Abrams
Pronouns He/Him. He’s an award-winning writer and a librarian.

He has fair skin; shoulder-length coffee brown straight hair, tied in a low ponytail and resting on one of his shoulders; 173 cm/5’7" in height and a lanky body. He has dark brown hooded deep set eyes. He wears thick amber old-fashioned eyeglasses, with bronze chains attached.

From how he appears and carries himself, people will immediately mistake Montgomery as someone easily manipulated to their liking; something that is the opposite of the truth. Montgomery holds order above all and hates any conflicts, he’s known to be very diplomatic and calm; if not a bit cold, intelligent and loves nature, he understood his priorities better than anyone and tends to be a bit condescending. He’s the second child of the Abrams siblings, and always sees himself as the oldest brother, even towards Monna.

> Matthew Abrams
Pronouns He/Him/It. He’s a manager in a family entertainment food chain restaurant, and much about him is private, as he lives in another country entirely.

He has tanned skin; long dark ash brown straight hair, attached to floating bells around his head; 167 cm/5’5" in height and a medium build body. He has light green round eyes. His cupid bows are particularly pronounced, shaping his lips.

Matty is an incredibly charismatic man and people are always drawn to him despite his flaws and hot-headed nature. He has a very striking look and alternative style; clashing colours, clown theme, and eye-catching accessories. Always known as the youth, and the third child of the Abrams siblings. He always sides with Monna in any sibling’s quarrel, whether she’s wrong or not.

> Marshal Abrams
Pronouns They/Him. There is not much known about Marshal’s profession or whereabouts; he has lost contact with the rest of the siblings ever since the passing of their adoptive mother, their sole parent, five years ago.

They have chestnut brown skin; unruly long black curly hair; 170 cm/5’6" in height and scrawny body. They have a dark grey, downturned eyes. They have a particularly bushy eyebrows, dark eye bags, and heavy stubble.

To their siblings, Mars is known as the troublemaker and the lazy one. They often neglect their chores and responsibilities, always seem to be alone, and only Montgomery can communicate with them without being insulted or fighting. They’re a mystery to everyone, especially towards their mother. They always try to provoke and taunt anyone they talk to gauge for reactions, never revealing their cards, and their intentions puzzling those curious enough to dare unravel them; an impossibility that eludes Mars themself. They’re the youngest of the four Abrams siblings, with barely twelve months of age difference from Monna.

Check out the demo here!

What's already in the game
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2 opening scene (22 Dec 2022)
What's to come next
  • Chapter 1 - Paragraphs for more backstory choices
  • Chapter 1 - A bit of flashback to your chosen backstory with Anamadya and choices of your past personalities
  • 1/3 of Chapter 2 - Full scenes and choices for the marriage/divorce backstories
My broad plan for the game
  • In-game lore codex to build the world for the next book and future series
  • Complex relationship dynamic and evolution which will carry out throughout the entire series and perhaps future stories in the same universe
  • More paths and branches exploring the Otherworld that are not necessarily connected to the main plot
  • Introduction to battle sequence, inventory, and usable plot items
  • Introduction to godly politics of the Abrams, your side and alignment with Otherworld currently ruling deities
  • Introduction to the next book’s main antagonist
  • Sneaky deeky secret scenes that can only be unlocked with secret phrases
  • Characters portrait, in-game arts, and other illustrations by yours truly and other artists
  • More to come…

You can support me on Patreon! I will be posting weekly short story here too!

I also have a Twitter and a Tumblr for any updates or if you have questions! Thank you so much for reading my story!! :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


I really love the story, it’s interesting and makes me very curious to know more :grinning:
Oh, sadly the safe system is broken.

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O shoot, will fix it right away! Thanks for pointin that out! :smile: :smile:

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It was an interesting read. I quite enjoyed the somewhat somber yet gentle tone chapter 1 held.

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Thank you for reading!

Imho I thought chapter 1 is kinda slow, but I’m glad you enjoyed it :grin: :grin:

That’s cool, wip I’ll keep an eye on it :eyes:
There’s not much stories here with the theme of MC going into a world from a book/legend/movie etc.

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Not yet! I’m thinking of building up the MC first, and meeting the LIs irl :eyes: :eyes:

But don’t worry, about 5/6 of the book will be about the MC adventure in Otherworld!

And thank you for reading my story :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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The game just keeps trying to load the next page after clicking you start reading.

“rewards after successfully fighting your abusive ex-husband, and gaining your life and pride back” this isn’t correct as we haven’t picked yet if our ex is male or female.


It’s a WIP choose your own adventure story game does that help you at all?

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Hiya! It’s an interactive fiction, basically a game that’s completely text-based :innocent:

Currently you can only access it online since the game is still work in progress

@Max_Jones Thank you for pointing that out! Will fix it once I have a time! And also for Start Reading issue, have you tried reloading the page? I don’t seems to have the issue but I have an idea what might’ve caused it.

Again, thanks much for the helpful feedbacks, I really appreciate it!! :hugs: :hugs:

Yeah I tried to reload a few times and even left it alone for a bit to see if it would load after a while but still nothing.

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Got it! I will reverse some codes and implement an optional choice since it’s not in the game quite yet, thanks much!

I will try to make some time today and fix it :+1:t5:

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