Lol, I went with the free-tailed because of the echolocation and the speeds it’s capable of reaching. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a surprisingly gripping race so far! Three different bats in the lead at different times.

No love for the poor old Western Mastiff though…

Well now I wanna change my vote just so the poor mastiff has someone to it’s vote

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Since mountain lion is available I’ll forgive the fact that timber wolf and grizzly aren’t. Great horned owl sounds intriguing too. :+1:

I wonder if black widow is one of the hiddens…

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May I recommend
Underwood’s bonneted batdownload (1)
Hoary batdownload
Easter red batimages

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@Jeremy_Stumbaugh2 It’s okay, the Western Mastiff is off the blocks at last!

@P_Tigras I can see I’m going to have to be completely transparent about this. :smiley: The animals which are already earmarked for other uses are grizzly, wolf, golden eagle and black widow. I’m still going to try to keep the hidden animals under wraps… :wink:

@K_T I did consider those ones too. The red one was especially close to making the grade…


Casting my vote was improbably difficult.

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NUUUUUUUUUUU, Black widow was one I was hoping would be for us. Oh well, I shall just have to gaze in awe and want at whoever might have it xD

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Soooo… let’s say the free-tailed bat makes it to the top… Does then, the “massive quantities of guano”, become a thing in the plot, lol?

That is my only concern, love the abilities hate the idea of having that mentioned or being the excrement guy or whatever in the team we end up in!

Although I suppose with great powers come great drawbacks… Gotta have some sort of balance, oh well.


@Hazel Your dedication is appreciated!

@Jeremy_Stumbaugh2 Will a tarantula do?

@Caleb Haha, “look, it’s excrement guy!” Hugely tempting as that is, I think I’ll go easy on the player with regards to guano… I do intend on having a bit of mild body-horror in the mix as the player copes with the changes to their anatomy, but I’ll probably draw a discreet veil over their bowel movements!


I suppose it will do…Good thing tarantula’s are one of my favorite critters in the world as well xD

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@Wiwyums This concept sounds impeccably fun! I can’t wait to see your execution!

Are those bats? My favorite flying animals?

God, and the Mexican Free-Tail won…I’m definitely going to be following this thread!

This just begs the question, though…are we basically gonna be a wereanimal? What is gonna be the extent of our animal influence? Physically, I mean?

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looks at the poll
I’m very disappointed with all of you. Shame upon your houses for not choosing adorably.


@Damian_Dalesh Thanks! I’m aiming closer to superheroes than wereanimals, so you won’t actually transform into the animal but instead you’ll gradually develop its powers and some of its physical features. A mostly Spider-Man vibe (“Cool, I can climb up walls!”) but with a touch of Jeff Goldblum in The Fly (“Ugh, what are these bristles!?”). One of the most important stats will be the human-animal slider - to what extent will you let the animal side take over, giving you greater power but at the cost of your humanity?

@Lycanthromorphic It’s not quite over yet…


@Wiwyums Wow! I really enjoy what you’re doing with that!

Though I’m not gonna lie, I was hoping becoming one of my favorite Batman villains would eventually be possible…

Here’s to hoping I can at least get the wings.

Going to my next question, may I ask how serious the tone will be? Will this game get any dark or can we expect a more lighthearted romp? I saw you mentioned light body horror and it made me wonder.


Looks at the california myotis Welp, time to sacrifice my humanity in the name of cuteness


Ah, Kirk Langstrom, DC’s version of Lizard or Morbius. (Never sure which really.)


Hehe, I’m so excited for this game :eyes:

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My take would be more Lizard. They definitely never shy from the mad scientist trope, just like Dr. Connor’s seemingly eternal ensarement in it, and he’s never really that big of a threat, both unlike Morbius.


I was also curious about this. Do you have an estimate on when the game will be out? I’m not being pushy I was just curious so I knew how long I had to save up for it😅

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