Beyond the Fields We Know - WIP [Featuring new secrets to discover and expanded quests and endings!]

Uh finally got it. Thanks.

I’ve now tweaked the part where you get your spurs, and amended the difficulty on romancing Catherine to make it a little easier.


Might be just me but I ended up with 3 skills at 35 while pretty much every skill check requires you to have over 35, which means I failed a hell lot of checks. Maybe tweaking it to higher/equal would be a good idea?

I hadn’t seen the WIP before, but I’m really enjoying it! I’ll have more detailed feedback after I play some more, but I have a couple of bugs.

This is when we are fixing to leave Cockaigne and I fail a skill check:

Also, for that whole segment, is it always Pyers that comes with you? I’ve played it multiple times to that point and always get him. Even when I’ve just met him. I don’t have anything against him, but it seems like it should be variable. The time I owed Grimbald a boom the game acted like he was there in Cockaigne and then switched back to Pyers.

Mostly I have heart eyes for Tyto and hope he might be an option in that part that I haven’t properly triggered or is not working. He kissed my hand and gave me Feelings!

Do you have to pass all the trials of a Path to solve the problem at the end? I can tell from context that the Lady is my sister, but I can’t get MC to figure that out.

Ouch, thanks for those bug reports - I can see where the problem happened! It should be fixed now.

As for your other questions: Pyers is the ‘default’ companion - he comes with you if you haven’t triggered any of the five. Sibyl, Annabel, Grimbald, Isolda and yes, Tyto can all accompany you - although Tyto kissing your hand should have triggered him as your companion unless you then triggered someone else afterwards? (eg by fighting under their favor in the tournament)

Is Tyto’s favor being offered to you as an option in the tournament? If not, I’ll need to check that.

I’ve tried changing the code otherwise to hopefully get rid of the problem - please let me know if it doesn’t!
As for the path trials, they don’t affect the final problem. Working out whether the lady is your sister is dependant on whether you’ve made finding her your priority enough throughout the story - she needs to be in your throughts frequently for the MC to catch on. But I’m open to tweaking that if it proves too hard to trigger for people.

And thanks again - that’s all really helpful!

@readher There shouldn’t be that many skillchecks requiring 35 - aside from Chapter 8 (which admittedly has a few of them, but without severe consequences for failure) most other tests that high are have easier alternatives, or variable difficulty depending on an earlier check. Were there any particular skillchecks you weren’t happy with? I’ll have a look at tweaking them in general.

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In regards to favors: I’m only getting options for the King and the Glory of God in the tournament. I replayed to double check. I also tried talking to Grimbauld a few times, and he implied potential interest but then wasn’t an option in the tournament either. Maybe I’m missing a step somewhere?

Talking to someone several times ought to triger them as a favor unless you failed some checks along the way. I’ve tried tweaking the difficulty a little to make it easier - see if it’s any better now?

I cannot get Tyto to be an option for a favor before the tournament. I’ve talked to him multiple times, gotten the swoony hand kiss, and carefully did not trigger anyone else either. Sorry to be a bother, but I quite like him.

I was able to trigger Grimbald on a different playthrough, so it just seems to be him that’s not working for me.

@furyleika No need to be sorry - I really appreciate the feedback! And am glad you like the character enough to keep asking.

I am a bit puzzled, though - he and Grimbald are the same difficulty/number of positive interactions needed in order to unlock him as a favor. Did you maybe offend him at the monastery dinner in chapter 3?

Anyway, I’ve tried making one more nudge to the difficulty that should help!

I don’t think so! I got up to say hi to him even though it broke my cover. I’ll try again. :slight_smile:

It’s working, huzzah! :heart_eyes:

@furyleika Very glad to hear it! And thanks again for all your reports.

Hi all!
Following some editorial discussions, I’ve made some significant changes to the last three chapters - they’ve been rewritten and expanded, expecially the companion subplots and endings. I’d be very pleased to hear what anybody thinks!


Hello all!
As well as expanding the romances and companion quests, I’ve added two secret endings - one based around restoring a forgotten god, and one about discovering the secret identity of the old piper. I’d be really interested to see if anyone can find them!


Is there anyone who can’t access the game like me?

The game is now in draft revision, so it’s been taken down from the WIP state.

We’ll be posting a beta request soon, so sign up for that when we do!


Do we have a playtest link for it?

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Please refer to Jason’s post; this game will soon undergo beta testing. When it is ready, either Jason or Mary will post an announcement for said test.

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This looks and sounds very interesting! Where can I play the demo? I’m not seeing a link.

Hi and welcome to the forum! This game has been completed and released as A Squire’s Tale.

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