Beta Testers Needed for War of the Gods II

I also want to beta test this game the first game was so intriguing

I would love to beta test! the first one is soo good!

I would love to test it

I would like to beta test, if possible.

Id like to test if still possible

I would like to beta test.

I would be happy to beta-test

I would beta test it for you

Everyone, with corona virus going on and having to put work online, I’ve been somewhat preoccupied and I apologize for dropping the ball somewhat on responding. I have made edits based on feedback I have received and I want to leave the game up for one final week of testing. I’m opening it up to open beta testing to get any final feedback people might have, and if you didn’t get the opportunity to play it. The link is Please put comments about the game here in the forum and thanks for taking a look. Sorry I’ve been so distracted.

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Oh hey, I thought your game was incredible but quick question. For the human beastmaster, weren’t they supposed to have purple eyes?

Yes, they are. Did I accidentally put an eye choice in there? If so, I’ll take it out.

Good catch. Thanks. I’ll upload it again on the website with this changed.

I would truly love to test it

Certainly. The more eyes on it, the better. Just follow the link I posted. Let me know if you have any trouble with the link.