BETA testers for SALVAGE TEAM needed

Join the Salvage Team of the doomed Tartarus Deep Core Exploration corporation’s gold mine as a key member of a team of misfits going two miles under the snowy hills of Montana to find out what works in the game and what doesn’t work for you.

Doing a typo sweep and documenting a general impression of the story mechanics, scene flow and overall feel of the relationships, jeopardy and action levels is required.

The art for the graphic mapping system in the stats is the last set of elements still in production but everything else is complete.

Of special interest is your impression of the mockup of the monetization style that breaks up the third chapter payment cutoff into buying extra lives so the demo eases to a stop as lives are added and subtracted, rather than an abrupt halt to the payment cutoff barrier.

The results of your impressions will determine whether to monitize in the experimental manner or go with the conventional third chapter unlock cutoff.

Please contact me at: to get the URL for the beta test version with “Beta Tester” in the subject line to join the team!

I’m very excited to read your reports because this forum has been so helpful in the free flow of creative and coding techniques that made this first project a lot of fun to develop! I hope you enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:


Good luck James. :two_hearts:

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Thank you for saying so! :slight_smile:

Will this be on CoG or HG?

This was designed for an HG release.

When is that james? 2019 i think?

I was kind of hoping for this year but I’m not sure how long the process goes yet. This is my first one. :slight_smile:

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