Best way to test for errors?

When first starting off, I would play though the first choices of my game to make sure I had coded it right…after so many choices …well… it’s get’s too long. :stuck_out_tongue: What is the best way to check for code errors and such? I know there are code checkers but I’m not sure how to use them? Is there a way to jump in at any point in the game to test it or see what it’s like? Also, is it dumb to write a lot before checking for errors? Thanks for the help!

There’s a checker in the main folder, quicktest.html and randomtest.html I’ve never used them since I do things the hard way, playing through it and checking each option. CJW has a great tool too which can make things easier.

@RockStarPenguin, I like running the Randomtest through Firefox. It runs until it finds an error and the it stops, showing you the scene and line of code containing the error. You fix the error and run it again. It finds another error, usually within a second or two. Rinse and repeat.

I run it before each update to my WiP tread because game stopping errors are very frustrating to folks trying to give feedback.

Quicktest is the best! I recommend that you not release your WIP for others until you get it to run smoothly.

I agree with HornHead and Lucid. The best methods are quicktest and beta testers. :wink:

I am still unsure how to use them for testing… I opened it but idk how to tell if it is saying there is a code error… ?

There should be a *.txt and a *.html file called quicktest and randomtest.
Even if they both run smoothly, there is still no guarantee that everything is ok, as my recent experience suggests. So, I believe that beta testing is a must.

can you tell me more about beta testing? sorry I don’t know anything D:

Neither do I. This is something I need to inquire about. I know that there are certain files that need to be uploaded somewhere so that if you follow a link, you can play the game in your browser.

Well, randomtest and quicktest fix game stopping errors, whereas beta testing helps fix continuity errors.

Quicktest is the program that checks your game for technical errors, like whether you’ve indented the proper number of spaces or labeled your next scene correctly.

Randomtest is the computer actually playing through your game 10,000 (or however many) times, trying all the different variations of things to see whether they work. That way you can find out, for example, whether your trait values always stay within the range of 1 to 100. It’s also very helpful to see how frequently a certain storyline gets chosen – you might have a great little path that’s super interesting to read, but if you’ve coded your game poorly then it might be almost impossible for any player to get to it.

Neither of these programs actually looks at the substance of the game itself, of course, so there’s also beta testing. “Beta testing” is just the term used for asking people to play your draft game and telling you what they think of it.

Alright thanks! That’s what I thought it meant but wasn’t sure.