"Belle-de-Nuit: Point-du-Jour"—Win duels and hearts in the city of love!

Ughhhh I should have used swordmanship, I thought it wasn’t enough :rofl:

Thank you very much for the code diving :heart_eyes:

I’m excited to be playing this again. Though, to be honest, I ship Madame and Denjeux more than I ship MC with any or the ROs.

I admit, I enjoy not having to wait between chapters.

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Claude, my MC

Made here:https://meiker.io/play/13209/


I played Belle-de-Nuit and Point-du-Jour several times each while beta-testing the latter, and it was a lot of fun, but this week, I played for the first time purely for pleasure. And I was just blown away afresh by how delightful this game is. It’s a surprisingly substantial French confection that tastes really, really good. It doesn’t sound like my kind of story at all, and yet when I read it I just can’t stop smiling. All of the characters are written with so much warmth and humanity that I can’t help but love them. Somehow this collection of outcasts - and their small handful of “respectable” friends - feels like a family I wish I had. I want to banter with Sebastian and ask Amaryllis if she’s read Chaucer (she would love the Miller’s and Reeve’s Tales) and play games from Lou’s collection and watch Yasmina act. I struggled a bit with the idea of a brothel as the setting for a lighthearted romance, but Rebecca Zahabi wisely doesn’t glamorize the work that’s done there or the circumstances that lead people there, or gloss over the stigma the belles face in a world that’s been harsh enough already. The ladies aren’t reduced to either lusty vixens or downtrodden victims; they’re just women doing what they can to get by in a world of limited opportunity. This story has a special place in my heart, and I had a wonderful time trying out some new story routes and getting some delightful scenes I’d never read before.

So anyway … that’s all. Just wanted to ramble a bit about my love for this strangely sweet little game.


Unlikely allies indeed.

I just pushed a patch fixing several textual errors.

In addition, I implemented a save/restore feature at the end of Volume 1, so you can play Volume 2 multiple times without having to start over from the beginning.