"Belle-de-Nuit: Point-du-Jour"—Win duels and hearts in the city of love!

It’s a Heart’s Choice game.

Heart’s Choice.

Congrats Rebecca; love your writing :revolving_hearts:

Is there a way to see the credits for Point-du-Jour, specifically?

Me getting ready to play Point-du-Jour

#G Gundam from Mecha Gifs Galore!

Looks like the credits page for Belle-de-Nuit has been updated to include the sequel (the web version at least, but it seems the Steam ver links to choiceofgames too).


Sounds interesting, but I’m disappointed that I can play only female MC. Gender-locked games really put me off.

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There’s been a long series of past discussions about how and why Heart’s Choice games are genderlocked, and we know it can be disappointing when a game doesn’t feel like it’s “for” you, but that’s the way it is with our romance titles and how many of our Heart’s Choice authors have to work within the genre.


Is there a way to purchase heart’s choice games à la carte? Ive had issues with the omnibus apps before and prefer buying the games as stand alone product, but can’t seem to find these that way.

Steam, then play the game online

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Figured it out. Thanks!

Oh, this seems like fun! It will be great to meet dear Amaryllis again…


I actually loved Amaryllis even more in the second book. You’ll get to see some different aspects to her character that were hinted at in the first book but not fully developed until now.


Oh! I really look forward to read it, then! (Or rather, even more than before.)

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Hey, all! I completed my review of Belle-de-Nuit: Point-du-Jour. Thanks for reading.

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I really enjoyed this! My romance with Sebastian continued so wonderfully. I just love how passionate that man is lol.

The new characters were sweet, especially MC’s brother.


I loved Belle-de-Nuit, easily my favorite of the Heart’s Choice offerings so far, and Point-du-Jour was just as wonderful! The writing just feels so lush and specific. Really glad we got to spend more time with these characters and continue the gorgeous romances!

My only disappointment was the brother relationship: regardless of how MC took it, he was the one to let us down by not standing up to our parents in the past, yet it was all on MC to maintain/rebuild that relationship while he’s lying to us, sneaking around behind Sebastian’s and our backs, and, modern attitudes to female agency aside, threatening the social respectability of a young lady just out of her home for the first time. Just wish we had a chance to straighten him out a little!

Also, I happened to notice: why does François’s poor older brother never get a name? lol


There are a lot of titles in Steam Winter’s sale and I finally got Belle de Nuit. I am totally in love with Sebastian :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: he is HOT

Amaryllis platonic route is GOLD too, I laugh every time I remember this one:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give Mauplaisant the beating he deserved and didn’t find any guide. His Fear was my highest stat (59%) and didn’t worked. Or this is the result of choosing fear? He beats my ass and then run away because he is scared :rofl: Anyone knows how high the stats needs to be to win the duel?

Looking at the code, you need at least 46 Swordsmanship, 71 Fear, or 71 Disdain to win the duel against Mauplaisant. If you don’t go for the kill, he will injure you at the end of the duel and leave you unconscious.

No problem! ^^


Ughhhh I should have used swordmanship, I thought it wasn’t enough :rofl:

Thank you very much for the code diving :heart_eyes:

I’m excited to be playing this again. Though, to be honest, I ship Madame and Denjeux more than I ship MC with any or the ROs.

I admit, I enjoy not having to wait between chapters.

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Claude, my MC

Made here:https://meiker.io/play/13209/