Basketball Legend (WIP)

I’ve started a game called B- Baller. You play a man sorry girls it’s currently gender locked but I plan to make it. You grow up in a family with not much but basketball was your game and you made it to the big leagues. Almost finished with the chapter 1 and intro is already finished demo in at least 2-4 Weeks


Why do you need to be gender locked in order to play basket ball?

For Now I started the male gender first because I’m male but I said I planning to add the female option later

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Just remember, the more you put off adding in a female, the harder it’ll be on you later. Also, can you expand on it?

Thanks For the Tips I’m Only A rookie Author

If you setup the beginning as a choice between male and female and then setup a variable of:

*set him “him”


*set him “her”

and do the same with he, his, male, boy and man. Then you can just write the whole story with {him} in it and there wont be any difference and also do things like {him}self to get himself/herself.

The only time it could be an issue is with romance but personally I’m of the opinion that even then the opportunity should be with any character as long as the MC’s personality matches their requirements. You don’t have to lock sexual orientation.

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A basketball story will be fun to read.

I’ll keep an eye out here.

Thanks for the tip on genders. I’ve already started adding the female option

Is it really that simple? Sounds like you could write the story in one gender and then global-search-replace " him " with " ${him} "

Has anyone done it that way? I ask because if I ever try a gender choice I know I will miss something, and I know I’ll forget curly brackets.

Title Change. Feels Like this one suites it better

Yea it’s really that simple. There’s not really any difference between genders in reality other than the pronoun. The only issue is if you have characters in the story that you need to be a specific sex to describe their appearance or allow hetrosexual relationships, then the global search would make them into the same gender.

Easier if you just write the story from the start and mentally put any pronoun relating to the main character into variable brackets. Then if you decide at the end point that everything should be gender locked you can just remove the choice at the beginning and it will be the gender you set.

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