Basic ChoiceScript Editor

Hey guys. i have two questions. First, how can i access the Basic ChoiceScript Editor? I accessed it before but now I cant, it says file not found in firefox. Second, is this Basic ChoiceScript editor is the one who will let you create the game? or maybe the note pad?

No clue about the Basic ChoiceScript Editor thing, but the game itself is created using the .txt files in the scenes folder (which you can open with notepad). If you want to see the results of your work you should use the index thing in the web folder.

i didnt try the notepad because it doesnt have the line numbers on the side and it doesnt notify me if I did wrong.

have you tried downloading notepad++? It’s perfect.

i’ve installed it. how can i create with this? Thanks for your help and sorry for bothering you. Its my first time to use Choicescript.:joy:

Well open the txt files you need in ++ instead of normal notepad. Furthermore you can have notepad++ highlight chicescript words, just follow this guide.

Are you having trouble with a particular part of the process?

so what does this highlighter do again? will it notify me for having an indent error or something? and oh, you said txt files, you mean the startup.txt?

Yes startup txt is the first place your book should start.

The syntax highlighter will highlight choice-script related words. For instance, it will highlight in red whenever you use the *choice command, highlight in blue *if commands, etc. It’s not essential but can be useful for debugging.

example from my work.

Also, I highly recommend you look at this:

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I have been using note pad for what I have been writing. Even though it does not have line numbers. It does work. When I need to check my files, I run the index and then follow along with the text files. But that is just me personally.

@FranzCallaghan There are plenty of other threads asking this exact same question. Please search for them in the future.

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