Balance of Superpower 2: Tricentennial (released! ^_^)

This is a sequel to “Balance of Superpower” This time, you can either play as Rio or create your own colorful hero!

The Premise: You are a superpowered person (augmented) studying at an academy for those like you and regular humans. You will join a team of aspiring heroes and be forced to compete with the other team of students for the chance to graduate as official superheroes. You will attend classes, fight supervillains, go on wacky adventures and, of course, befriend or romance one of your fellow students! :slight_smile:

The submitted version of the game is 617,611 words long without code and 755,836 words long with code (making it ten times bigger than the first game!).

The average playthrough length is around 40,000 words!


  • Two distinct storylines depending on the protagonist chosen!
  • 20 romanceable characters: 12 for Rio and 9 for the new character!
  • A rainbow of tones as the ROs have their own unique adventures which vary from light-hearted and campy to dark and disturbing!
  • 50+ colorful character portraits!
  • Option to design your own distinct heroic outfit!
  • Many heroes to meet, many villains to fight, and many places to see!
  • The options to become an anti-hero or a villain instead of being a superhero!
Rio's RO's (with pictures!)

Artwork by naadilust

Jun is a Dynamic augmented from China and his abilities adapt to his opponent’s, usually resulting in him getting the opposite power to them, hence his moniker “Counter”. He is a competitive and somewhat cocky guy who wants to become “the strongest hero in the world!”

April is a Corporal augmented from Australia and has an indestructible body made of a strange yellow substance. She is very self-conscious about it and like many other Corporals gets a bad rep from regular humans and augmented alike due to her unusual appearance. She is a very kind and social person, and, above all else, wants to help others and be accepted by them.

Pink Patroller is a strange and wacky vigilante hero, whose Interpersonal powers compel people to act upon their feelings of love, whether romantic or otherwise. His true identity remains a mystery and his status as a vigilante (which are illegal) make him even more of an enigma.

Oliver is a Mixed augmented from England with the ability to control blood, which he uses primarily for healing. Despite his dark past (his mother is a notorious supervillain serial killer called Bloody Mary), Oliver wants to do good in the world and is an avowed pacifist who tries to avoid violence even if it puts him in danger.

Catie is an Interpersonal augmented from New York City and her powers amplify the positive feelings others have towards her, making her extremely popular. She had a very rough childhood growing up as an orphan in a big city and she sees becoming a superhero as a way to attain fame, which has been a dream of hers ever since she was a kid.

Misty is an Elemental augmented from New Zealand and has the ability to control mist and fog. She always speaks in rhyme and is a very spiritual person, who believes that augmented powers are a form of magic.

Sky is a Mixed augmented from Indonesia. Sky’s gender is decided by the player! Sky has the ability to change the colors of inanimate objects, granting them various effects. They can also change the colors of their own body, and their skin color changes depending on their mood. Sky is the competitive and somewhat antagonistic leader of the rival team and is quite determined to graduate as a superhero.

Lex is a regular human from Baltimore. Despite her lack of powers, her impressive martial arts skills and stealthy techniques make her a powerful ally. She is a very aloof and asocial person who tends to speak her mind only when others are being incompetent.

Madison is an Environmental augmented from South Carolina with the ability to generate powerful explosions from her hands. She was expelled from the academy in the last game due to being a violent bully and ended up joining a group of supervillains, who attacked the school later on. Despite that, she was offered a way to redeem herself by joining the Hero Program under the watchful eye of Hawk and students like you, as well as the power-suppressive gloves she was forced to wear outside of training. The question is: will she become a better person or end up going back to her old ways?

North is an Elemental augmented from Canada and has the power to control snow and ice. After accidentally hurting his grandfather with his powers as a child, he vowed to always use his powers responsibly and to help others, which led him to train to control his powers every day, and his personal belief that helping people is his duty. After all, “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

Estelle is an Enhanced augmented from the Central African Republic and has the power of enhanced engineering skills. She has always dreamed of exploring space and that desire led her to build a hyper-advanced spacesuit with which she is able to fly and withstand the harsh conditions of space. She initially had no interest in becoming a superhero, but after a group of supervillains attacked the school, she decided to give this career path a shot.

Felix is an Environmental augmented from Denmark with a power that changes the environment around him in random ways. Suffice to say, it is extremely hard for him to control this power because of its unpredictability, but thanks to Rio’s help in the first game, Felix was able to learn to minimize the effects of his randomizing power to a smaller area, but it still has many risks attached to it. His power and somewhat shy personality make it difficult for him to connect with others, but Felix is a gentle and artistic soul who has a great interest in music.

New Character's RO's (with pictures!)

Artwork by naadilust

Windbreaker is an Elemental augmented from New Hampshire and has the power to control wind and air. She is a true daredevil and loves extreme sports, parkour and, of course, break-dancing, which she combines with her airbending abilities to create powerful and spectacular attacks! Windbreaker is not the one to be concerned with rules or safety, which often gets her in trouble, but her bravery is second to none.

Noir is an Environmental augmented from Erie, Pennsylvania, and has the power to fill the area around him with an impenetrable darkness, which only he can see within. He tends to act dramatically like he’s some sort of brooding protagonist of a graphic novel and, some might say, suffers from a bad case of chunibyou. That said, he is a sensitive and wounded soul underneath all the dramatic exterior and wants to find someone he can be truly himself with.

Griffin is a Corporal augmented from California with the ability to render her body and clothes completely invisible. She is the daughter of a world-famous hero Wildfire, but despite that, Gloria (her real name) shuns the attention she receives and is a very shy individual. She didn’t want to become a superhero at first, but after the supervillain attack on the school, she decided to try to use her powers to save others.

Misty is an Elemental augmented from New Zealand and has the ability to control mist and fog. She always speaks in rhyme and is a very spiritual person, who believes that augmented powers are a form of magic.

Semantic is an Enhanced augmented from Iran and has an extremely powerful memory, which allowed him to learn more than 300 different languages which he can speak flawlessly. Sami (his real name) is an outgoing and friendly individual, who has a great interest in diplomacy and international affairs. He didn’t intend to become a superhero, but changed his mind after the school was attacked by a group of supervillains.

Meme is an Environmental augmented from Ireland and has the power to create temporary clones of herself. She is a big fan of anime and video games and is a goofball who is never boring to be around. Due to her powers and personality, she often struggles to retain interest in any one activity, jumping from one hobby to the next to avoid boredom.

Dino is a Corporal augmented from New Jersey, whose augmentation makes him look like a humanoid dinosaur. Despite his appearance, Dino is a sweet and kind soul, who enjoys training, studying, and good food.

Flourish is a Mixed augmented from Russia, whose body is made of plants and he is able to control plants and even communicate with them. He has a haughty and narcissistic persona, exacerbated by the fact he has no interest in being a soldier (which is a requirement for all augmented in his country) and sees becoming a superhero in the US as a way to have some independence.

Balance is a Mixed augmented from Ecuador with various powers related to balance. Rio (their real name) has an enhanced sense of balance physically, but can also alter aspects of reality around them in various ways, though it comes at a price. They are the leader of the rival team of students and you will have to compete with them in order to graduate. Nonetheless, they are a very calm and friendly person and tend to avoid conflicts and try to get along with everyone.

Update Log

14/02/2021 Update - Added chapter three to both routes, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

12/04/2021 Update - Added save slots, a few achievements, and expanded the museum part among other things.

26/04/2021 Update - Added chapter four to both routes as well as some additions to chapter three.

17/05/2021 Update - Added chapter five to both routes. It’s currently the longest chapter due to all of the RO routes.

21/05/2021 Update - Added PICTURES of the ROs! Yes, thanks to the awesome Naadilust there are now pictures of all 20 ROs in the game! :smiley:

11/06/2021 Update - Added chapter six to both routes as well as some additions to the earlier chapters.

27/06/2021 Update - Added chapter seven to both routes. It’s the NEW longest chapter of the game! :slight_smile:

07/07/2021 Update - Miscelanneous quality of life improvements described in detail in post 210.

25/08/2021 Update - Added more RO interactions for Sky/new character, science and geography lessons, as well as pictures of non-romanceable characters drawn by the amazing naadilust! :slight_smile: More details in post 333!

29/09/2021 Update - Added Chapter eight to both routes. It is even longer than the previous one and introduces the main villains of the game! More details in post 367

28/12/2021 Update - Added 4 out of 22 possible Chapter 9 paths as well as all of the pictures for the main villains of the game, drawn by the astonishing RobertDraw!

21/01/2022 Update - Added 10 more RO adventures to chapter 9, thus 14 out of the 22 possible Chapter 9 paths are playable now! There are some other additions too; more details in post 477

25/01/2022 Update - Added 2 more RO adventures as well as pictures of the prominent Ubermensch members, drawn by the invincible RobertDraw!

08/02/2022 Update - Chapter 9 is complete, featuring 22 distinct paths! I also added colorful logos to the major superheroic teams. More details in post 517

31/03/2022 Update - Added chapter ten to both routes!

14/04/2022 Update - Added pictures of the four characters from the anti-hero path, drawn by the wonderful lazymelo as well as a few other additions, elaborated in post 556

16/05/2022 Update - Added chapters 11 and 12 to both routes. The beta test officially begins!

30/05/2022 Update - Added a profanity filter as well the settings tab among other things, elaborated on in post 580

01/06/2022 Update - The game has been submitted for publishing! :slight_smile:

23/09/2022 Update - A bunch of bug fixes and typo corrections, mostly in the later chapters of the game.

14/10/2022 Update - The game has been fully proofread! :grin:

05/01/2023 Update - The game is released! :blush:

Have fun and tell me what ya think! :slight_smile:


Ooh lol wondering when you gonna come out with the continuation part :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:.
@Rustem_Khafizov I even mentioned how unique MC is in first part somewhere couple days ago…

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Oi @Rustem_Khafizov I’ve got a weirdest question (lol just so ya know, I haven’t read much yet) would Rio exists in the storyline if I select/play (as) a new character?!?


Yes, not only does Rio exist, there will even be an option to romance them. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, a bit weird (and creepy) since played as Rio last time.
Btw G’Luck with the writing.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: I’ve had somewhat of a deja-vu right now so, went and opened first part…

This is from the second one


This same description is in part one but with a year earlier considering Rio came to the Academy a year ago…


And this is from part one…


Then this is from part two…


Now lol before you assume anything, I’m not criticising harshly or something just saying that a bit of a different flavor from the first part would be great…

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Yes, if you begin the game as a new character, the intro mirrors the one from the first game. That’s intentional. :slight_smile:


Hmm, lol still a bit of an odd/different flavor to that would be a good thing considering this is a completely different character than Rio Ramirez.
Again this is just my opinion…

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Oi @Rustem_Khafizov is there gonna a be a save option?!? :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

The new character is meant to be Rio’s opposite, both in power and background. Yet their roles in the story are very similar and they have a lot in common.

I might add it if I’ll figure out how to do it. :slight_smile:

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Oh damn devils, I kinda missed that this new character is from Pekanbaru, Indonesia…



Oi @Rustem_Khafizov lol it’s sound for Rio to investigate and smell for this new MC?!?
Someone have to bother MC…

Some of the choices are EXACTLY same word to word from the book one for the new character, like the ones that asks why MC wants to be a superhero.
And the choices when they asks students to demonstrate their powers…



Yup :slight_smile:

I can reword them if that’s an issue, but since the choices would be essentially the same, I’m not sure if it’s necessary.

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Even if the meaning and outcome are the same wording makes the difference too

For example to tell some to ‘leave me alone’ I can tell them to f@#k off or simply as them not to disturb me.

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Yeah, but here the whole point is for the new character’s intro to be as similar to the intro from the first game is possible, while also having some key differences.


But it’s exactly the same…

Lol this is kinda what I’m saying…

Ok lol I’m gonna go and read this now…

Very interesting game! The set powers and ackground didn’t really appeal to me- I usually like to choose my own character’s customization, but the story was interesting :stuck_out_tongue: All the colors are very…bright- doesn’t really match a character that’d be more “broody” or cold. lol it was funny to find a character with my MC’s name- Misty :sweat_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Which colors would you like me to include in the game?

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