Bad Ritual WIP (UPDATED 04/08/2020)

So, this is the prologue for Bad Ritual, a WIP game wherein you play a low rung grunt in an artifact retrieval corporation in the unglamorous Sanctum City. You consider yourself a fairly capable street-side officer, but when given a simple task that gets wildly out of control you’ll find yourself with a dangerous new job title and a new project straight from your enigmatic boss: destroy Siruud the Devourer, the handsome demon that you’ve bound to yourself.


Right now (counting code) the game covers roughly the first chapter and is a little under 10k.


Chapter two update !! This covers the last of the neutral route and the start of the two romance routes (Tahira and Siruud). I won’t bother with word count (as the addition of code and the repetition of passages because of code really balloons it), but it’s a significant addition !!


Siruud’s chapter three update !! There’s also been some minor changes to Siruud’s chapter 2 to reflect the feedback I got (with regards to Siruud’s reactions to you in the beginning of chapter 2, the spell Siruud casts on you, and the fight you have with Siruud in Maureen’s apartment), and introducing:

  1. An experimental stats screen !! Totally open for feedback on this one but generally these will be the stats that affect the story.
  2. An experimental achievements screen !! Followers of my blog indicated that they would like achievements, but largely preferred that they be hidden until the end. Accessible through the stats screen, this is my compromise between having achievements and not; surely it’s not perfect, but it’s also totally open for feedback !!


Tahira’s chapter three update !! With major corrections to how stats work, some achievement bugs ironed out, and more of the girl we all know and love.

Transitioned into Twine !!

Find the demo right here !!

And find my Tumblr, and my page for my other games. There’s also a Discord !!


Why destroy it when I can romance it?


But Siruud seems such a reasonable person so far. Why destroy him? Iya-da! Iya-da! :imp:


amazing!!! intriguing!!! unique!!! i loved the demo and the way you write this whole new universe :fist::cry: (im not surprised since i love manor hill chef kiss), also mister tall gentle demon i love u


That’s gunna be an awkward conversation with Tahira when the time comes :rofl:


you have no business making Siruud like That :joy: my gay little heart can’t take it
(side note, i’m loving this! your writing’s great and i can’t wait to see what comes next! also any game that allows me to have poison magic goes HARD)


was trying the demo last night and then the thread dissapeared . Was kinda sad actually , cose I wanted to comment!

But its back! So yay!

I though I be dissapointed…but I’m surprised . Your writing is good , and funny at some places !

I also…voting for the ‘‘hit stuff cose me angry’’ personality! so far its my favorite! I love it !

Wish you all the best with the story ! cose I want MOAR! :grin:


This is amazing! Your story had me chuckling to myself the whole time. It shows so much promise and the writing is incredible.


Good game I’m looking forward for more. One question though do you plan on having romance in this game?


Yes! Both Siruud and Tahira are planned romance options at the moment.


The more urgent question to ask is HOW. He’s a BIG fella :rofl:


I’m glad you liked both Manor Hill AND this :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’m so excited to get to integrate like actual scenes where the player can utilise their magic. Poison especially since I mean, it won’t necessarily be infallible…


Yeah I got flagged as spam at first— probably because it was my first post on the forum and contained three links— so I think it went down for a little bit. It was the same with me trying to respond to comments, so I’m sort of pleasantly surprised that right now I can just respond right away. And I’m glad you like the “punch it 'til you’re not mad” personality (I think I named it irritable by the end but it went through a few different names) !! I always kind of lean renegade/aggressive in video games and wanted to try my hand at it :rofl:


Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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ohh renegade :heart_eyes:

Btw…since you are the author…would hate if you get flagged for spam…again lol

but when you reply to many peoples , you can just go @someonename . So you do it in one clean go…:smiley:


VERY good tip thank you very much :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


This is so so so cool. Your writing flows so nicely and actually has some personality to it lol? This is a weird thing to say but it feels playful in a way and I love it!

Also. Yes. Demon man hot. Want smooch. Tahira is pretty cool too! Just radiates goddess vibes. You’ve managed to give your characters unique voices in only a few pages which is really freaking impressive.

Just a tiny note, for hair color I think it’s more common to call it red hair (or even ginger) rather than orange. It’s really insignificant though. I feel embarrassed just nitpicking because everything else is amazing.


Thank-you and I’m glad you liked it :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: And you’re absolutely right about the red vs orange thing, but I did put both of them in separately just because as I played some other games I got the impression that when I picked “red” they were talking about like dark blood red, whereas I had picked it specifically to have carrot-hair. I decided to separate the two (maybe a little awkwardly) just so that players could pick either (which, unlike something like having light blonde vs dark blonde hair, feel like two entirely different colours).


Nice game!