Author websites - what do you like to see?

So recently my website was hacked and I’ve had to redo it. It also means redoing the content. So it got me thinking what exactly do people like to see from author websites.

Atm I’m thinking of short stories as well as author info and info on UnNatural. But in general what else do you like to see?


Pictures of all the NPCs and more information about them.

A Fan Art Gallery (if you have any fan art).

Game design orientated blog posts, and other sorts of authorly updates.


I didn’t “like” your post because you were hacked That’s horrible!

I agree with @FairyGodfeather. I think lots of art catches the eye. Even as an author, I think it’s smart to avoid designing a text-heavy web site. is in desperate need of an overall as well, but I’m limited on time these days. I do have a fan art page, an FAQ re: the sequel, and some info about me. I do like having a central place (that’s not FB or Twitter) where I can post things like free offerings, contests, updates, etc., and I try to keep new content on the home page.

For a wish list: I think interactivity would be nice - like a blog where folks can comment, etc.

For what it’s worth, I like the art you have up now.

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I love author blogs. My favorite is Fletcher DeLancey’s, an author of wlw science fiction. She doesn’t update often, but she has interesting information on stuff like writing about silenced firearms, the history of over-reliance upon descriptive nouns in femslash and same-gender fiction, as well as workarounds for it. She doesn’t typically write a lot of updates on the progress of her work, but I love it when she does that, too. Her site has artwork, links to her books, and a ton of other great things, but her blog is really what sells it for me.

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I like to see stuff that’s been mentioned, a blog about the author, about their games, maybe as separate blogs/links on the site depending on how frequently they’re updated. A walkthrough section, don’t tend to use walkthroughs…ever, but know people do obvs, plus if there’s an achievement/character/romanceable character etc I really want to know about, this is definatley useful. A FAQ section for sure. artwork is nice, but for me shouldn’t be on the front page or what not, I personally really hate art work(except fan art) as I always have a very vivid idea of the settings and characters and hate to have that ruined :’( . Then a list of your published and upcoming games, maybe some stats(release date, number of downloads etc) and that’s about it I think :slight_smile: .