*author Question

Hey. I just ran the quicktest and random test options, which I’m glad I did as it seems notepad ++ has messed up my indentations, plus I found some other issues. But while I was running those tests, I ran into a problem I can’t seem to fix.

Basically, I’ve used the *author command just below the title in the startup.txt file, right at the top. I receive this error message with the quicktest (opened in my web browser):

ReferenceError: changeAuthor is not defined

My spacing etc. should definitely be fine too, as I have (exactly as it appears):

*title Lockhart
*author David Gilmore

(Even with David_Gilmore, it still gives errors)

Yet when I open the index file, the game runs fine. So, is the auto-test/debug process giving a ‘fake error’ report? If so, I’ll just delete the author bit for now and insert it once the game’s complete.

I’ve got everything else working fine anyway, with the exception of the *author command.

@DavidGil I believe this was just a Quicktest bug, now fixed in the latest version.

Thanks, @Vendetta ! :slight_smile:

I thought so, but just wanted to clarify it with the index file working as it should. And silly me, I didn’t notice the other *author command thread. Sorry about that.