Atlantis Academy—Master the ocean's magic to save your school!

Can I just say, I like how the small, less significant items you collect along the story actually can be used in some scenes later on, rather than just having the MC forget about it like most stories. Just a great detail I enjoyed!



  • Two more illustrations.
  • All illustrations now display as intended with regard to nightmode.
  • Checkpoints added in case you die early, allowing you to rewind to the beginnings of chapters five, seven, and ten.

Im floundering here (pun intended).

And this is spoilers so if you dont want them, dont read.

Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent your dragon from leaving you after hes abducted by the alchemy professor?

No, there’s no way. He needs to be with his own kind.

The dragon can’t stay at the Academy, but you can opt to stay with your dragon in his new home for a while if you don’t mind bailing on everyone in Atlantis.

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Does upping his relationship have any effect than?

But also,Also how do you stay? I was given the conversation but all my choices start with “i cant”.

Sorry, I just worked with the code, so I can’t tell you how to achieve it in the game. Hopefully another player has an answer!

The last choice at the bottom of the menu should be “I can’t imagine being apart from my dragon. I’ll stay.”