Asphodel - An Interactive Fiction Game (Work In Progress)

Asphodel - An Interactive Fiction Game

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Asphodel - A type of flower, often associated with the Underworld.

Hello Choice of Games community! I’ve been browsing the forums for a while and I finally decided I might attempt making a game on my own! Found out I can use HTML on the forums too! Neat, huh?

*ahem* Anyway, Asphodel takes place in modern time where a certain sect of people have the ability to use magic. This magic power, unknown to ordinary humans, is being used to commit evil deeds. It is invisible to an ordinary human, and in order to stop the evil use of magic, there is a group of people who have vowed to use magic righteously.

Things to expect: Magic, Romance, Adventure, A Story, Demon Creature Things That Try To Kill You.

…That’s about it. Demo to come soon, leave any suggestions or questions on this thread. Suggestions especially, I need ideas! >_<

@Hikaru Sounds awesome. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

PS: Where did you get that cover art? Did you make it ?


@fantom Thanks, got the (background) image from a public domain image sharing website and made the title using Adobe Photoshop CS6. Planning to change it though, probably wasn’t a good idea to put it on the main forum post, because I can’t change it after 30 minutes. :confused:

You can ask a Mod to change it.

Wow, I’m really excited for this one! The cover art reminds me of the ‘Tales of the World: Radient Mythology’ games (more so the first one).

@Hikaru Question: with the ability to use magic theme, will there be specific types of magic (e.g. Necromancy, Alchemy, transformation etc) and the MC can only have one (like in Fairy Tail), or will it be a kind of spell casting, free for all type of magic (like Harry Potter)?

Carny wait

@heyyoungblood Thanks! I’m thinking there will be specific types of magic that you can delve in to, but one main magic that sets you apart from others. There will be more strategy and tactical thinking than anything.

I have a short demo up! You can find it here, here, and here.

Also, quick idea for the storyline, I’m thinking of making it so along your journey, you meet other people that join your party (or something along those lines).

Haha great !!

I like your writing style a lot! :smiley:
I also like that the MC is in some sort of position of power, with a title and everything.

I like the “I need to think about my decision more.” option as it gives a thorough explanation of those choices, but maybe add something to those dialogue options, as not everyone would choose thinking through that decision. For example, you could give the options that are there (great dialogue by the way!) and then add something, like the difference it would make to the players stats–once you’ve made the stats screen, of course?

“Tell me, Lady Bark, was it your informants that wove you this tail?” You muse, twirling your glass around your fingers as you rested your tired body on the red velvet couch. +Strategy -Strength

Just a suggestion! Great intro though! :-bd

Wow, very eloquent writing! The depth behind your narrative and dialogue is amazing.

@heyyoungblood Thanks for the idea! I took it in to account and added it to the choices.

@Samuel_H_Young Thanks! I’m glad that you like it.

I love it i hope could be a evil clever poisoner because poison is tons better than magic

@Hikaru I forgot to comment on the idea of having people join your party along your journey, would your strength, tactics and strategy have a say in the type of people you meet and whether or not they join you? Or would it be purely based on how you behave towards those people and what you say to them?
Will they all be magic, or will there be that one person who’s involved with the magic world but is essentially powerless?

Also, is there some sort of magical hierarchy or some sort of political placement? Like having the inability to talk to/battle/etc. someone because they have a higher position in society or their power is overall greater than yours.

Sory for bombarding you with questions, I just find your idea so enthralling and (sorry) magical :stuck_out_tongue:

@MaraJade I’ll be sure to add poison potions to the game (if you decide to research Alchemy, hint hint :wink: ).

@heyyoungblood No problem! I enjoy answering questions.

To start with, your abilities as a leader and your personality will choose who joins you, or you may join someone else, or maybe you’ll be one of two leaders, or maybe you’ll walk your path solo, it depends on what exactly you want to create.
As for the next part, not all magic will be well, ranged, in a sense. In fact, you may have a master of the art of swords who uses magic to enhance his attacks. I am thinking about putting people in who are fully human, but have been dragged in to the world that The Guardians and Demons live in.

As for politics, yes, there are definite sides in politics. There are human politics and guardian politics, Guardians being the group of “special humans” that can use magic (although they aren’t considered FULLY human), and it’s possible to climb the “power chain”, and you will meet nobles and spoiled rich kids along your way.

You may be surprised what’s in store for your character, though. :slight_smile:

Ahhhh this is so exciting, I can’t wait!!
Where have you drawn your inspiration from? Have you seen Fairy Tail, cause the “master of swords” thing reminded me of two characters, Alzack and Bisca, who use Guns Magic. Here are some good gif examples:’s_Guns_Magic.gif

@heyyoungblood Thanks, I didn’t think anyone would be very excited. XD

I’ve seen Fairy Tail (pretty sure everyone has at this point, 167 episodes in and the filler arc finally ended, then the voice actors quit, GAH!), but I didn’t think about it once while I was making up the story, it only occurred to me after you made your first comment and referenced it.

I’ve added a skill system by the way, if you get to the point where Swain asks you why you came to him, after choosing and option, you can check your Stats Chart and the skill will show. You can learn more skills as you progress.

Note: If you get an error about “divinaton”, “divation” or something along those lines not exisiting, it’s because I was typing really fast and I kept misspelling “divination”, just refresh it and it should work! XD

FT is to continue in April also I’m interested in this because it seems cool looking forward to more

There’s a new website for the game! Go here to check it out!

This game rocks man only few pages that I’ve seen but already love it. Shape shifting here I come. really great job man.