Anyone like playing the Damsel in Distress?

In a CoG type of thing I think the damsel would still have to have some kind of strong supporting role. Like maybe as a healer/doctor they can patch up their hero easier increasing their durability. Or as a engineer/techy they could develop/improve weapons for their hero. And of course some choice on how the story progresses. I think it’d end up pretty dull if you played the damsel and just wobbled along as the hero did all sorts of things while you floundered in the background. Especially if it’s the type of damsel who needs saving because they have 0 self preservation or are just always mucking things up and needing help.

Otherwise yeah, I don’t mind playing a damsel. I like it in some smut books when done well.


Right! That’s also a valid choice as long as we can also choose to be bad asses as well! high five

What would you think if the player really is useless (for example, he was cursed so he may not fight or harm anyone even to save himself, like Freya from GoW), and instead focuses on the heroes but instead of just healing, how about building them up? Nudging them in a direction like (Hey you! Focus on combat).

Also, what would you think if the Mc is a sort of good at seduction and that is how the Mc gets anyone to help them. Conversely, how about an Mc that is “pure” and thats how the Mc gets people to save him/her?

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I think if you make the captivity in the end of the game people will get mad and feel like it’s a cheap tactic to lose without an actual fight. If you can’t be saved it will kinda feel like all you’ve done was for nothing.

Maybe you can get captured and have to escape somehow/get help but later on you’d get stronger and beat the one who captured you. Or you can make a really hard fight where you are meant to get captured but you can possibly win and avoid capture.
Kinda like the fight against Cauthrien in DAO where she was one of the strongest enemies in the game but you could still manage to kill her and avoid capture if you tried hard enough.


What if it were advertised as an actual Damsel in Distress? Like Choice of robots only damsel? Yeah it kinda sounds ridiculous right?

Yeah! That really is a posibility, there are many types of damsel after all, maybe a damsel that saves themselves before even being captured!!!

Something like this?
You got kidnapped by vampires from the very beginning and have to avoid becoming their meal


Nice mention, currently playing.

Basically this, but I would more exploration and interaction before captivity, as the interactions then would serve to influence the events that would follow.

Also, there could be a part where you fall in love with your captor, decide to join him, pretend to fall in loce with him then manipulate him, etc.

Maybe the pre-damsel can be the first part, then the captivity the next part (it can be a small point in a larger story etc, but the damsel in distress trope will be recurring).

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While I agree the damsel in distress trope is kind of over done and boring, I think it could be interesting having aa game play out where you (the character) are in captivity. A story in which you are are forced to play innocent/helpless meanwhile you are behind the scenes manipulating and sabotaging things in order to facilitate your escape (or worse, your absolute take over). I think it would be especially fascinating (if not necessary to be successful) if there was also an exploration of the mental and physical tole this juggling act takes. And if this is just meant to be a smaller part of the narrative, what are the effects after one escapes?


Its better to have agency. If the player does not have agency how can the game be fun?

I wouldn’t mind being captured so long as I can escape. And if I do not escape, I would prefer it be because remaining under capture is somehow to my advantage, better yet if I intended to be captured. (e.g. the place where I am being held is an enemy secret base and I have implanted a tracking device in my body to help my allies locate the base).

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I’m always iffy on the seductress that uses their sex appeal to get others to do their bidding. Because the seductress is usually female and the ones being seduced male, and it’s that whole femme fatale trope that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. For me personally it’d have to be something more like a charm stat. You’re good with words or diplomatic enough that you can convince people to help you. Or smart enough to find something that will get them to do what you want.

I was thinking like your stats as the damsel (healing, tech, charm) would affect the hero. So if your charm isn’t up to snuff, the hero doubts you/your plan and fumbles the encounter which means he fails and you don’t get saved. Something like that idk.

As for a really really weak protag who literally can’t do anything…I’d have to think about that lol. It probably couldn’t hold up for the entire game that way, maybe one part or something where the damsel is temporarily weakened.


Honestly the game would have to run like a comedy/parody of the trope and be like a lot of what has been said (secret spy actually sabotaging). Would be worth considering doing flashbacks or separate perspectives (ch1.A Playing captive / ch1.B playing rescuer)

Regardless, comedy is a must. It won’t go over well otherwise imo

Well when I’m doing role-plays I’m never comfortable victimizing other characters but I’m fine being the victim. So damsel in distress waiting for her heroine.

Only if he look like this.


I’m a guy and I can say I’d LOVE to be the damsel in distress its why I love the Myrmadon WIP so much

My preteen self would have screamed “YES” to getting saved by some shining prince loud enough for outer celestial bodies to hear.

Nowadays I’d rather be saved by a closet puppy (likes petting and such) “bad boy” or equivalent thereof.

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I love it too wink wink

The capture of the protagonist in the Myrmidon doesn’t end all that well as they get shoved into the forge, die and get disassembled. The new protagonist is the eponymous and largely blank-slate Myrmidon created in their image. I also don’t think the Myrmidon is a “damsel in distress” in any significant way. This is most evident in the noble opening where your Myrmidon basically fights and defeats a giant King Toise while stark naked.
Sadly the Myrmidon is both subject to a re-write and on indefinite hiatus right now.

One of my favorite Disney movies is Sleeping Beauty, so I freaking love this trope…if done well.

Admittedly, Princess Aurora isn’t the best protagonist to play, but having a savior like Prince Philip would be nice.

What @Mewsly point out is important. It would be difficult (or short) if the whole game was about a rescue, and it would deny the MC, and therefore the player, agency if they aren’t given tools or the ability to at least help save themselves.

@ErisErato Actually suggests something brilliant, imo. Most games allow us to play active participants in fights. I can think of very few CoGs where we play a supporting role, and anyone who’s played a Bard in DnD knows that supporting roles are amazing.
I think a good way to circumvent the possibility of feeling useless is having the character be skilled in mostly non-combat skills. Healing, buffing, bluffing etc, would make for a good balance to your kickbutt knight in shining armor.

I think a good way of refreshing the damsel in distress trope is to make sure the character has agency, and that the character who does save them also need the character’s own skills to supplement their own.

Literally, it would be a buddy cop game and I would play the h e c k outta that.


why you gotta make me sad?

you know, actually don’t mind it. if it’s written well (i’ve come across some that’s just super cringey… looks at most app store otome games bonus points if you can be a …dude? in distress… idk, what’s the opposite of damsel? lol