Any interest in an Amish Romance/Rpg type game?


I was thinking about starting an Amish themed game. Basically you would start as an Amish teenager at the beginning of courting and Rumschpringe, which is when the teenagers can explore the world a bit and their parents turn a blind eye to it.
Obviously you would be able to play as a boy or a girl, and you could choose whether to be a devout person or to turn your back on your lifestyle. Either way, I picture it going pretty in depth.
If you are a girl, you can choose to be devout or wild. You’d be able to court a variety of attractive Amish men (maybe even someone important like a preacher) and possibly start a family. If you wanted to, you’d be able to become “fancy” and leave the community. You’d most likely (depending on your stats) be shunned, although there would be ways to get back into the community. There’s even a possibility of influencing the entire Amish community.
If you are a boy, you can choose to be devout or wild. You’d be able to court a variety of attractive Amish women and start a family. It’s possible you may end up as either a preacher or a bishop, and you’d be able to choose how to make your living. You could also choose to go “fancy” and leave the community, etc. etc.
The idea is you get a picture of the lifestyle. I see it being pretty detailed and possibly pretty long.
Stats would include:
Piety (how well you follow the Amish religion)
Reputation (this would be very important if you got shunned)
And others.
What I want to know is, would you guys even be interested in a game like this? Should I pursue writing it?


I would play it sounds interesting and fun with many possible play through options it seems


Amish Paradise


Way to man I applaud you


I would play this as well. But I would hope that there would be an option to pursue same sex relationships. It could be especially be interesting if you have a storyline where you have to choose between your religion and your sexuality.


This sounds interesting, I’d play it!


@daveliam That’s definitely going to be in there :slight_smile:


It would certainly be unique as far as CoGs go. As long as it’s in CS, I’ll read any genre :slight_smile:


I’d try it out.


I’d like something like that.


Sorry blond moment


Why not


I would love to play game like that.


I never would’ve thought that in my life someone would ask me if I wanted to play an Amish RPG, but it does sound interesting.


@daveliam Yeah, that would lead to interesting scenarios.

I don’t know alot about the Amish community but I would like to see a game made out of this. It would give a person like me perspective on how they live there lives.


And you’d make this realistic not just an Amish bash? ( teehee )


Sound awesome man. You should definitely follow through on this :smiley:


Reminds me of that Harrison Ford movie where he had to go undercover as an Amish person… Good movie.
I think this will turn out great!


Seeing how much interest there is in the idea, I’ll probably start writing it. I’m not great at code before and this would be my first game, so it’ll probably take a while. But I’ll start writing!


Awesomw! Im looking forward this. Cant wait to be a lesbian amish girl dreaming of the big city. Its gonna be an interesting scenario.