Any good free interactive sites or apps other than Choice of Games?

Magium, yes.

Re:play is only on IOS apple store.

Underworld Office is named differently a little but yes it is available on Playstore. Just type Underworld Office.

Lifeline is available.

Alter Ego is available. The one I recommend is the one by Caramel Column Inc.

Hope that answers your question.


well by that logic everything should be made free.
Though I understand what you are saying because for people not living in the us the cost is significantly higher as 3$= ₹225 and some games cost around ₹700 and it is not a hardship for me because this is not a significant amount for me but it is just a little less from what I pay my maid so in some places it could be someone’s salary but that does not mean everything should be made free.

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Twine games, few uploaded it in
You can find some good IF like Superstition, The Tale of Crowns, The Nameless, and others.


There’s multiple threads on this if you want more info, but basically in most cases the perception is
a) longer story length = good. So if you buy a book that’s 200k words long, and it’s relatively railroaded, you might see at least 100-150k words on a single play through so it feels like a longer game you got your money’s worth out of. If it highly branches, you might only see 30-40k for example.

b) Many people only read games once or twice. So they feel cheated if they pay for a 200k story and were expecting close to that in story word count, but only get 30k on a playthrough unless you’re the kind of reader that wants to go back and explore all the other choices to get the full possibility of stories that could happen depending on the choices made. (Which from polls seems to be uncommon for most games people are picking up.)

Both these things lead to bad reviews, which leads to poor sales, which leads to most authors not writing highly branched games that split into many different outcomes instead of following a branch and return type formula which is most common.

Choices are part of the attraction, but can be used cosmetically, for significant direct changes, additive changes or delayed ones. These can be used in any style of game. It’s more whether the game is more of an interactive story (1 main story with reader imput) or more of an interactive game (multiple stories that branch out.) Neither is better or worse than the other, it just comes down to reader preference and COG’s audience seems to prefer the former overall if you look at app store feedback. It’s not the only thing that counts certainly, but it is an important factor IMO.