Any good free interactive sites or apps other than Choice of Games?

Tin Man Games is similar in ethos, but still isn’t quite up there with COG when it comes to customization and personal voice in the story. I’d agree that COG is unique in that respect.


There’s some “individual” works out there like Magium or Lone Wolf Saga, which aren’t necessarily published by one primary company.

There’s also Seen, an app that contains many user-made stories in conversational/dialog/chat format. Might wanna check that one out, although most of them are straight romance stories. But there’re also some thriller, too.


Honestly I can’t think of many text based games (except the super well known ones already linked, and some stuff as a kid I don’t know about) that are free, but although their performance isn’t equal you may love random text based games that appeal to a very small group (e.g. sacrifice actual choice for length/ quality)

If you’ve already played a lot / all of CoG’s games, it’s a good idea to beta games-- you get a free experience of normally good quality games in exchange for helping out the writers.


I love Tin man but a very different flavor a lot of that were inspired by the old school Choose Your Own Adventure games and gaming books. For example Saga of Fire*Wolf look like power fantasy reads like a early Conan work. Except Conan can do magic. But mechanically the systems old school so it kicks your ass if you ge4 unlucky.

Another really great Choose Your Own Adventure series is Fable Lands it the elder scrolls of gaming books before their was elder Scrolls. Instead of being a linear narrative each book is a continent and they’re all interconnected. So it’s best to plan for it on the app unless have the pen and paper version It’s a headache to keep track of it all.

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idk what’s so bad about asking for choices that branch into different stories? i get its hard. so make it more expensive. don’t shoot down genuine constructive criticism just because you support the product. i’d rather pay more for a game that offers a more immersive storyline with most things affecting the story than pay for one that offers less. that’s not to say i don’t like the current stories but i’d love an option like that.

also speaking to the person who said it’s like saying a tea at a coffee shop is like asking for a full chapter without having to pay for “special” choicrs: games that make you pay for each choice are actually stupid. let someone buy a full chapter or book, not pay 2 dollars per choice. that tea metaphor at a coffee shop is completely missing the point. buying the chapter is like buying a tea at a café.

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I certainly don’t mind paying for a game. $3 is nothing out of a months work. But I think one of the best ways to market a game is to make it play for free once, pay to play again and have the game forever. I think this method helps readers truly understand wether or not they like the game. If they don’t, oh well. But if they like the game enough to buy it and play it again, authors could raise the price a little.


I agree with you, but down below there isn’t anyone that seem to understand that some people REALLY can’t afford to pay, and wants to enjoy the maximum of reading experience for free. This isn’t a crime to not wanting to pay, there’s no obligation whatsoever, good for them if they can purchase anything they want, let’s them keep doing that. But Choice of the Dragon, the Romance or the Vampire (or even CSAW !) are full free, so it’s a proof any of CC stories can be entirely free (with ads, but free). We still have the right - tell me otherwise I won’t believe it - to enjoy a whole story without being interrupted, and to read it until its end. And don’t start with the blabla about the income of the author/developer etc… cause I know it already, it’s not like they were awfully poor. If I had at least a bit of money and be free from spending it on what I want, I would have already bought almost more of half of the Choice Games without thinking how I love the majority of the stories. But it’s a luxury I can’t have, as well as many others people as I saw in comments of the game, so I’m glad I’m not the only one ; that way you couldn’t say that I’m “complaining” and that I’m “ungrateful” or “stingy”. I’m not. I’m just stating a fact that no one seems to want to see in the light. Say whatever you want, I’ve told my point of view. If this offends you, I’m mildly sorry cause I can’t do much about it, would you rather want me to lie instead, I don’t think so. To end this, I’m gonna say that if I’m ever able to purchase anything one day, I’ll try it to be one of the Choice Games, whatever that can be.

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Hard doesn’t equal expensive. Hard equals getting the job actually done.
Writing is easy, but actually finishing it is not, let alone making one that sells.

I don’t think it’s the best for the marketers.
You’d be surprised at how many games I’ve only read once and never return again.

Don’t get me wrong, XoR, Metahuman, Mecha Ace, and Tin Star are awesome. But going for another playthrough requires… some otherworldly motivation if that makes sense.

TL;DR Demo is fine.BTW 2 months revival wooo


I can’t message you for some reason, but I’m very interested in the adult cyoa websites you mentioned. I’d love if you could let me know what those are. Thanks!

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If you are looking for something really retro I think that a few years ago the source-code for a bunch of the old Infocom games, (if not all of their classic games; like 33 in total if I remember right) just got released a few years ago. They’re similar though a bit dated, they’ve also got a few more bells and whistles. But worth a look if you’ve got the time.

Saw in some post that you know some make your choice game more for adult, i am interested. If you got time holla at me