An idea for an isekai CYOA

Hello, recently I got some idea about writing an isekai themed game (It’s the anime genre where the MC would get thrown off into another world, typically after dead or something, think Re: Zero and Drifters).

My concept so far is that the MC got teleported into a fantasy world after meeting a starnger who asked you many questions. The MC will find themselves forced to help a “Revolution” movement inside the capital of an Empire. While there, they will find out that the revolution is not like what it seems to be. The MC, now a spy working inside the Imperial palace, will find themselves a key player on the struggle between the Empire nobles, Revolution, a neighboring kingdom that possess a magic WMD weapon, and a powerful merchant republic.

My question though, as I’m a total beginner in using ChoiceScript, how should I start? Should I start writing a single playthrough draft first, or should I start with the stats and the important choices first?

Sorry for my bad Englisht, it’s not my native language and I still need lots of practice.

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Ngggg…nghello hello hello, I can see you’re new here, so here is your welcome cookie :cookie:

So, an isekai huh?
*stares at isekai genre with disdain
:eyeglasses: I shall subvert this trope

Anyway, as a starter, there’re a lot of places where you can start your own writing process. The list:

  1. Building the universe. Worldbuilding
  2. Playing around with ChoiceScript
  3. Making the big picture of the plot

But I’ll recommend you to familiarize yourself with CScript, tho. If you don’t have a good coding background, it can be a huge obstacle on your writing process.

Sounds like an interesting idea although not entirely original so do remember to try and throw in some unique subtleties( by subtleties I mean doing something extravagantly unexpected since warring factions and conspiracies aren’t really unexploited topics)

And I guess I’ll leave you with a little pointer then: you do realise the W in WMD stands for weapon, don’t you?
Anyways, will be looking forward to future progress. Good luck