Am i allowed to write a scene describing the MC getting tortured?

the title says it all

I think it depends on how explicite it is.


There’re similar threads that discuss this topic, although it’s been quite a while :thinking:

The rule is, as long as it’s not glorified, that’d be fine.

Mecha Ace does have a torture scene, although not like the one you’d imagine :laughing:


got it then i’ll try to keep it somewhat vague or just scrap it alltogether


I wasn’t aware that there were rules on how violent WIPs could be. Is it so that there are such regulations on the WIPs of this forum or is it a matter of what is allowed to be published? I have seen cases of WIP’s being closed or censored because of questionable material, but I don’t think that I have ever seen an issue with one being too graphically violent.

I have been considering trying my hand at a WIP in the near future and perhaps making it exclusively available on this forum with little intent of actually publishing. I guess I’ll need to read-up on what material is acceptable here, because my content would be made with the intent of being at least a bit grotesque.

Yea i don’t think i saw any rules about how violent it could be buuut knowing me i probably skimmed though it and i would rather have my bases covered after all i would like the game to be published

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It is more of publishing matters. Sure, you can write anything you want, but CoG doesn’t accept certain things that cross off their boundaries.

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Yes, you are allowed :smirk:


I do recommend scanning through the Choice of Games guidelines before a major edit becomes necessary:

Generally, you’re fine, though.

IMO yes, provided you do it well. Witness Star Wars episode IV, Princess Bride, or Metal Gear Solid I for examples of what many critics consider good torture scenes. Show, don’t tell. Let the characters’ personalities help you shape the scene and make sure you show them off in it. This applies to both the victim and their tormentors. Either can seize advantage to manipulate the event and your scene should allow either side to take control in some way. Especially in a Choice game where you can give the option for the hero to somehow put one over on or get the upper hand on their tormentors. Lastly, make sure the scene is important to the plot and not just gratuitous. Otherwise you deserve every bit of shame you will rightly receive.


There’s a torture scene in Study in Steampunk. IIRC, you get beat up while your buddy is next door getting cut into and you have to get past the guards and escape.

A few things I forgot to mention. There are many forms of torture you might want to include. Pain in various forms, stretching or squeezing, sharp objects, fire, cold, electricity, loud music of some kind or some other similar noise; deprivation of food, sleep, or another basic need; some form of psychological torture where the tormentors try to motivate the victim to confess (good cop bad cop, your buddy confessed why don’t you?, confess or we do worse to your buddy, let’s see how much you can take tell me when you’ve had enough, let’s see how much you can take For Science!, etc); and Magic or Chemical torture if your setting allows them are all possible and good to include. Just make sure you show off the method of torture at least a little and that it’s appropriate for the characters, the setting, and what you want to do with the scene.

If the victim can resist the torture, make the way they do it believable and fitting to their character. Do they have a high Game Stat that helps? Do they develop sympathy for the tormentor over time, switch to his side, and get out of the torture that way? Is this defection real? Is it believable by the tormentor? Does the victim motivate the tormentor to stop torturing them somehow (Pity, Romance, Anger, and Faking Death are all good methods for that)? Can they escape or get rescued? Whatever their method of resistance, it should be important to their character development. Torture is a life changing experience.

It’s also good to put a surprise twist in the scene somewhere. Maybe enduring the torture and giving in unlock different outcomes a la MGS1. Maybe the victim and tormentor have hidden motivations beyond the obvious and these will play out somehow. That can also apply to characters who observe the torture but don’t directly participate (Lost Heir- Captain Bran witnessed 2 characters being tortured, he ends up trying to save them and saves one successfully, players pick which); maybe the victim can seize control of the situation somehow and end up torturing the tormentor (Scherazade). Or think up your own twist.

Good luck writing, hope you appreciate the advice.