Alternative media companion apps for choicescript games?

I have stumbled across an app called “Seen” which is an IF texting app. The app also allows users to make their own games for others to play. I’ve actually been considering writing something for the app to go with season two where you can have a text exchange with one of the characters (probably to enhance a mission with extra facts etc nothing game breaking though) but I wonder whether people would actually be interested in something like that.

Another possible use is let me use another game for example Zombie Exodus Safe Haven perhaps the MC can find a phone with messages on in the game it just says it’s between two survivors and continue what if there was a game in this Seen app which lets you see what those messages would be.

It’s more about world building outside the players actions in the main game. But what’s the general consensus on the. Concept of companion apps.


That’s actually interesting. But I think it will be hard to employ this media companion idea without compromising the actual story content or spoiling it.
And no much CoG/HG players know SEEN, I think.

Before knowing that CS is free to use, I used to play SEEN. (Well, only few days though)
It’s a good app, emphasizing conversation between characters rather description. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to build a game with elements shared between the two, but I’m more concerned about the game rights itself (as it’s basically splitting the game into two app)

Oh don’t worry I don’t mean to split the app up story wise. Another potential use with another media could be video maybe the player stumbles across a video of something they get a description of what happens in game but you also could film the video and let players watch it. I’d never put somethin vital in a different app but somethin that would be interesting for a player if they wish to do it then perhaps.

Either way I’m gathering a concensus before making a choice :slight_smile:

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Would that also work as a way to advertise your choicescript games to people using that platform?

I thought the media companion thing will be like… umm

WatchDogs 2nd player on tablet
or managing your Black Flag through another tablet
tracking your EVE online stats at EVE app
and so on.

Yeah it would be possible for another advertising possibility.

No I was thinking of more like additional back story.

For example a missing team and you find one of there phones. You get the super important info needed in the choicescript app. But if you wish you can see all the messages (the seen app also lets you interact with it a bit.)

My original thought was to let players text characters from the games but not sure if that would be interesting enough.