Alter Shadow

I’ve begun work on a new game called Alter Shadow. In it, you play a 14 year old child.(You’ll be ageing as the story goes along) who is possessed by some demonic alternate personality who may harm/help the protagonist along the journey by taking direct control of them. Potentially forcing him to do horrible things which he normally wouldn’t do.

Currently the rough draft for the Prologue is done, and I plan on updating every 4 weeks.

remember this is a rough draft it might include grammatical errors, my main focus at the moment is making sure the plot is entertaining enough for the reader.

To play the old demo, go here:
To play the New Demo go here:

Just a quick poll so I can figure out the direction I am going with Alter Shadow

  • Be able to make more choices but have less text in game (like a old fast paced input text adventure game having 1 or 2 lines of text before a choice)
  • Have more text to read but have fewer choices in game (more like a novel at least 2 paragraphs of text before a choice)
  • Do a mix of both, having at least 4 lines of text before a choice

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I like it even do its very short can’t wait for an update

Is the option for the Alter greyed out because they haven’t been done yet or is there another reason? (just curious)

Also adding this to my watch list, the idea seems interesting, best of luck!

That is intentional, it’s supposed to be an example of what happens when your
alter shadow/demon inside you forces you to make decisions (When you have low stats in control)

Sounds interesting but need more summary to it

This is a very interesting concept, but the demo is far too short to really provide much feedback. I will be watching for more and enjoyed what you have so far, however.


Said I was a boy even tho I played as a girl

Other than that I liked it and I encourage you to continue. I do feel like the prologue was kinda rushed and turning into a murderer was quite suprising.

Could you tell me a bit more about the alternate personality.

Do they take control of you or just guide you?
Do they enhance you in anyway shape or form?
Are they a demon or have they always been there?.

oh cool, a bit confusing if you don’t know but still a cool gimmick i forgot the word it’s not gimmick but it’s the only word i can think of right now lol

I’ve fixed the gender bug, and yes the prologue was kinda rushed, It was written within 3 days.
That’s why I called it a rough draft, I’m going to completely overhaul the Prologue to make it longer and more detailed, I don’t think I explained things in enough depth in the current prologue.

yes they can take control and or guide you

They haven’t enhanced the player in any shape or form, (YET But I will be adding that in later)

the player was born with the demon inside of them, but it is only now starting to influence them.

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Intersting premise, but aggressively laconic. And I mean it when I say “aggressively”. I felt like I was yanked by the lapels and rushed through the demo. It was more reminiscent of a police pressure interrogation.

Is there going to be a story at all, or will it only be “action a, consequence b”? Most cyoas here read like a novel, but this is more like one of those old fast paced input text adventures.


I gotta say i like the concept. However i feel like being arrested for a school fight is a bit unusual?

Oh that’s because the person you fight with ends up in a coma (you are supposed to hear that later on in the story) or dead. Depending which way you choose.

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Oh thanks for clearing that up it just seemed weird without context.
Wait but how do they find out it’s you?

They don’t unless you go to the office and tell the school that it was self defense. You just randomly get questioned by the police regardless of what you do. (unless you get one of the endings where you are in the coma instead)

The story has been completely changed this no longer applies.

would you prefer a fast paced input text adventure with lots of choices or a novel with a lot more story content but with fewer choices.

It’s still early I can change it up a bit.

I prefer novel type cyoas, but you’ll have to set up a poll to see what the majority wants.

Lol just killing the bully

Expect a lot more ridiculous choices soon


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New Update to Alter Shadow Released another unfinished/rough draft but a lot more content.


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