Already buyed but the Gallery apps decided that your purchase doesn't count


Sadly it’s not the first time that I Buyed a Book (playstore)
And want to read it in the choice of games /Hostegames gallery (to conserve save space)

I can restore the Purnchcase in the Playstore version without any issues but the Gallery says NOPE YOU DIDN’T BUY IT HERE SO YOU CAN’T READ IT

(have you any idea how we can fix this problem?)
I don’t want to bother the support every time it happens because that would be annoying I greatly value that they take their time to help me but like I said the problem isn’t new)

Please write to support AT choiceofgames DOT com. That’s your best bet to solve this.


As @Gower said, you need to contact I know you don’t want to bother them, but support is the only one who has the tools to help you, not the forum. We’re only here for feedback, beta testing, ChoiceScript help, and socialization, not technical issues related to the apps.


I already did that because that’s only logical but thanks for answering anyway I had hopes that there could be another solution

Have you tried restoring from the individual app itself?

When choosing to restore purchases there is usually an option to restore from the original app.

Install the original app -> open the omnibus -> restore purchases-> restore from app -> uninstall original app.


If you have sent the mail to support, it’s probably better to wait than to send another one (as you might know, inbox cluttering is PR/HR/anyone’s worse nightmare).

Otherwise, personally speaking, I think your problem has something to do with different e-mail address. Say, are you using different e-mail for both the individual purchase and the Omnibus (the gallery)