AI Art in COG/HG?

Would the use of AI art be allowed for COG/HGs? Or would that be a no-go?

People have been using it in Wips


Please Note: We can’t accept art that was generated via an AI art generator at this time, due to ongoing legal uncertainty around the copyright of those images. Your art must be created by a person or group of people who have the legal rights to the image, and we have to provide them credit in the Credits.

You can’t

Edit: Sorry, it was already answered.


I looked away for like 2 minutes to use the bathroom, came back and three people have answered. Are you guys reading my mind and just waiting for me to press send and walk away?

Thank you all, by the way. I didn’t notice that AI bit in there when I first looked.


I just happened to see it, though I was slow by a few seconds. Can’t speak for the others, maybe they read your mind… :smile:

You can use art assets from the public domain… and there are plenty of useful YouTube videos for some quick and dirty techniques to modify images, add some effects and produce nice and decently professional-looking pictures. Best of all, you’d be the copyright owner of these pictures you make.


Gotcha. I’ll look into that then.

Personally, I think legally speaking AI art will eventually become more mainstream. A lot of people think it’s stealing but that’s not exactly how it works.


It’s not exactly not how it works, either. It’s more complex than people like to say (everything becomes black and white in the court of public opinion), but as the company’s policy indicates, there’s still the issue that AI can’t create content, just rearrange existing content into something that fits the prompt.


Not at all, and I do know something about it since I work with AI and I am planning my masters on the topic. But… This is not the place to discuss it. The company policy is what it is, and I can’t blame them.

US courts have been showing a tendency and early rulings towards not considering anything generated by AI copyrightable. However, other countries in this vanguard like China have ruled the exact opposite. And there’s the public jury, who seems adamantly against AI in general.


Even if CoG changed the rules and allowed AI art, I still personally wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a contentious topic at best, and I remember a very heated discussion about this at the intfiction forums some time back.

If you’re a new writer without much of a reputation, the court of public opinion matters too.

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