Advice sought for a novel written in French regarding a mixture of genres

Hello, I’m writing a novel (in french).

I was thinking of mixing different gender (i’m not sure of the word I use here) of writing.

Using narrative (classic 3rd person), the first one, correspondance, theatral and poetry. Depending of the scene, of what is happening. It will not be just for show. I want it to be part of the narrative and story.

It’s about personal and egoist quest in a dying world. For example, correspondance would be writing by Morgana, a goddesse’s scribe who just happened to observe the event. Never to take part.

I know it will be hard, but I’m motivated.

Now, as fellow reader and writer, do you think that it’s a good idea (although a difficult one) or not?

I’m also thinking of trying to write a game once I’mnmore confident in my english.

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Mmm… just try to be coherent and not mash up in an indefinitive style with taste, as we say in my country, neither meat or fish

Assais être cohérent et ne mélange pas en un indéfini style avec, commen on dit en mon pays, ni le saveur de viande ni de poisson.

Sorry for my French, it’s a bit rusty

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I see no issue with what you’re trying to do. If anything, it’s been done before in many classic litterature French works.

Il y a souvent des échanges épistolaires dans les classiques. Du moment que c’est clairement indiqué dans le texte, par sa mise en forme ou par un changement de chapitre, ça ne pose aucun problème.

Après, je n’ai peut-être pas très bien saisi ce que tu cherches à faire.

Ca accompagnera la narration. Ce n’est pas juste cosmétique, pour le plaisir. Je veux vraiment que ce soit important pour l’intrigue et son développement, que ça en fasse parti, ainsi que pour celui des personnages.

I want it to accompany the story, the narration. It’s not just cosmetic or for show. I want it to be part of the story, of the plot. To be important for the character’s development and their role in the story.

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I think you should do it. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I would hesitate to say more until I knew more details. You might post more in the Interest Check thread, not only to get specific feedback about plot and character, but also to develop a more fully formed idea of what you want to do? Cheers! @Lordlorac

I didn’t knew that thread. I will seek it.

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