AdventureX: Narrative Games Convention Nov 10-11 2018

AdventureX, the narrative games convention in London, England, has tickets on sale! It’s running on 10th-11th November.

There are talks and exhibits about games, from purely text to point and click adventure, to AAA. I went last year and really enjoyed the talks by Jon Ingold (inkle) and Ian Thomas (author of Pendragon Rising) and more - plus playing games and meeting other writers is so much fun!

Weekend passes, Saturday tickets and Sunday tickets are available from the British Library website. I’m heading there this year, is anyone else planning to go?


Oh, wow! I had no idea this existed. I must say I am incredibly tempted… Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Now confirmed - I’m going to be exhibiting Blood Money there on the Sunday!


Would love to go, especially as I’m supposed to be going home (Liverpool) for a few days to take care of some stuff… But I don’t think they can wait until November… Mmmmm tempting but…

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How has the time gone so fast? AdventureX is next week, and Blood Money is going to be there in pride of place on Sunday! It’s my first time exhibiting so I’m very excited - got my monitors sorted and some lovely postcards ordered. Anyone heading there next weekend?


Oh my goodness these are so pretty!


Happy to see the event sold out (even if it means I won’t be going). I’d love to hear about your experiences. Best of luck with the showcase!