Beyond the Console: Gender and Narrative Games conference

If you’re based in the UK or nearby, you may be interested in this conference “to showcase and explore narrative games through the experiential and critical lens of gender”. The ticket includes subsidised access to the V&A’s Design/Play exhibition, there’s a lot of interesting content, and there’s going to be a brand new keynote game by Porpentine exhibited on the Friday.

If you end up going and would like to grab a coffee, drop me a line on the forum or on Twitter :relaxed:


I’ve definitely been thinking about going to this! It sounds good, plus I still haven’t gotten round to seeing the V&A exhibition yet. And Porpentine was the person who got me into IF way back when, so. It might be difficult to attend for other reasons though. I guess we’ll see.

LSBU is great for this kind of thing! There’s been so many games events there over the past year.

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