Addressing the Different Types of WiPs

That was indeed my question!

It’s been a long, long day…


So I just moved my old ChoiceScript game for school into the Hobby Projects category, but it forced me to delete some story-specific tags (#gender-locked-male, #low-fantasy, etc.). The only tags available are more generic ones like #gender, which I decided to tag the game because it was the only one out of the available tags that was at least kind of relevant.

Which leads up to my question — can the available tags for WiPs also be available for HPs? It would definitely make it easier for me to quickly judge whether a demo is personally appealing to me, and probably would help with organization too.


Does the new HP section have the same 30-day-inactivity autolock for threads that the WIP category has?


As of right now, it looks like it’s currently set to two months. Of course, even if the system automatically locks a thread, all an author needs to do is contact any moderator or leader to reopen it.

I’m sure that once it gets more populated, we’ll have a better idea of what an appropriate timeframe will look like. For all we know, two months could be bang on! We’ll just have to wait and see. :slight_smile: