Adding an option to switch to dyslexia friendly fonts

I was wondering if it’d be possible to add an option in the game settings to switch to a dyslexia ‘friendly’ fonts, to make the games more accessible.


I second this; also, there certainly seems to be some dyslexics on the forum, it would be helpful for them if they could view the forum in such fonts as well. (I understand it might be a lot of work, however).

I’m not sure if there’s such a thing such as “dyslexic-friendly font,” but there’s size+ on the settings page, if that’s what you’re looking for.

(The below is taken from the above. Emphasis mine.)

“The main conclusion is that font types have an impact on readability of people with dyslexia. Good fonts for people with dyslexia are Helvetica, Courier, Arial, Verdana and CMU, taking into consideration both, reading performance and subjective preferences. Also, sans serif, monospaced, and roman font types increased significantly the reading performance, while italic fonts decreased reading performance. In particular, Arial It. should be avoided since it significantly decreases readability.”


Welp, I can’t access the study (username-pass required). But I think I can see what makes a font dyslexic-friendly, maybe.

Should CoG asks or put up a poll, I’ll vote for Helvetica.

There’s actually a font called Open Dyslexic for this specific purpose. I also read recently about a new font that’s weighted in a similar way – the lower parts of the letters are noticeably wider, which makes letters easier to distinguish from one another.


Or could COG just make it mandatory to use those fonts?

It should be technically possible to make the font available, without making it the default – in much the same way as increasing font size for readers with impaired vision.

I can report as an end-user that the Beeline Reader Chrome extension (which is where I first heard of Open Dyslexic) doesn’t seem to play nicely with the COG CSS stylesheets. It’s okay. I’ve been looking for a replacement for Beeline for a while, anyway.

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How dyslexic friendly is the current font?

Considering TNR have those lines at the end of their letters, I suppose it must be not that friendly.

lines at the end of their letters


Well, learn something new everyday!